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how to do chinese new year in shanghai  -  top car alarms
It is understatement to say that Chinese New Year Shanghai has fireworks.
It was a night when 24 million people stored explosives, and all the missions were abandoned in the name of blowing up things, and the launching art was honed by generations of nights: picking up a box of firecrackers, in one go, repeat until morning.
Relentless bursts and echoes, glowing light, the smell of gunpowder, the earth shaking . . . . . . Spectacular, yes, but it will also make you afraid of your senses.
D-hustle and bustle of Omaha Beach
On the eve of the Lunar New Year in China's largest city, magical mushrooms are intertwined with the wonders of Disney World.
You will feel like you have made a big mistake.
Believe me: you don't.
At the best of times, there was a mess in Shanghai.
If you can handle its dazzling lights and car alarms, you can cope with the Chinese New Year;
All you need to do is know how to deal with it.
Did the crazy audience rush on the football field?
This is the atmosphere of the Shanghai Railway Station holiday.
Almost all of China 1.
There will be 4 billion people traveling around New Year's Eve (4 February).
Don't get caught in the melee.
Plans to fly by February 1.
British Airways, Virgin and China Eastern all offer cheap direct flights from London
Until the holidays.
The 7-minute maglev train from Pudong airport to downtown is only £ 5.
50, but a taxi is needed from the terminal to the hotel.
Save trouble: Hertzoperates operates private airport transfers at competitive prices (
About £ 60).
No hotel on New Year's Eve is completely soundproof (
Suggested earplugs). But URBN (
Doubles from £ 110)
The neighborhood is decorated with bamboo gardens.
1930 if you are willing to spend more money
Villa era in Capella (
Doubles from £ 330)
On a street in the French franchise District, sit behind the Evergreen Brick wall patrolled by a housekeeper.
There is an antique water tower in the yard and you can climb up to see the light show on the roof. On the sycamore tree.
On the shaded streets of fave, art deco mansions open their forge-
Iron Gate to candlelight sake bar and bar-in-the-
Wall restaurant.
Boutique by neon lights
Shop girls with hair wear high heels on the 5 th and an asymmetrical sports jacket.
Search for these Before 4 February when independent retailers tend to close.
Samples of fried pork dumplings from vendors on wulumuji Road; window-
Xinle Road store;
And browse the private collection of Communist propaganda props at the poster art center.
This is also a classic holiday highlight worth before "big crush.
Stroll Nanjing East Road at dusk, neon lights buzzing overhead.
When you get to the Bund, the Riverside Avenue
Art Manor, walk the boardwalk, admire the lights
High-rise buildings are reflected on the water.
Continue to Yuanyuan, the Ming Dynasty sanctuary decorated with fluorescent lights for the annual Lantern Festival.
Outside, on the most important night, you can walk into any old noodle shop and eat in sign language (
Try apu Pu Road or Chuannan Road)
Or squeeze into the chintz restaurant of old Jessein on the balance Road.
But unfortunately, unprepared tourists turned and left rudely (
Difficult to understand)
The snub of February 4
In fact, book in advance for meals between 3 and 5 people-or have your hotel call you. At Fu 1088 (
0086 21 5239 7878)
In an art deco estate near Yuyuan Road, a plate of pork belly, spicy eggplant and wide was shared
The shellfish in the eyes takes about 45 p.
Peacock Room (
0086 21 5239 1999)
In the sparkling bronze cabin, is the fresh, conceptual Sichuan cuisine fresh.
The roof of the Longhua temple complex is spread over one acre.
At midnight on New Year's Eve, the monks climbed six-
An iron bell heralds the coming of the year of pigs.
This is a huge ticket event, kneeling in front of the Golden Buddha waving a Molotov.
As a result, popphobes will have to push stle among thousands, if not millions, of revelers.
It's better to surpass all this.
The tower overlooking the Huangpu River from Pudong (east)
The bank has a venue for fireworks.
The Shanghai Tower, the city's tallest building, is still lobbying to get approval for public space.
Floor bar of Shanghai global financial center (
"Bottle opener ")
It has one of the highest cocktail menus in the world.
Into a book-
Face the table, or in flairr (
0086 21 2020 1717)
On the terrace on the 58 th floor.
Give yourself a day of recovery.
Then, if you are traveling elsewhere in China, plan to go by plane.
The road and the railway will ruin you and you have gone too far.
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