how to prevent accidental death and injuries in children - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-15
how to prevent accidental death and injuries in children  -  one way car alarm
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Many accidental deaths and injuries can be prevented. Do you know that accidents are the main cause of death for children in the United States, even if a child does not die of injury, many dangerous activities can cause serious physical damage such as whi injury, spinal cord injury or brain injury in children.
In addition, if the injury is caused by carelessness or negligence, it may also result in a claim for injury.
Sadly, even if the plaintiff wins the case, there is no compensation for any injury that can make up for the loss or serious injury of the baby.
Although this information may seem terrible, there are some actions that our parents can take to reduce the risk of their children.
The most common cause of death of children in car accidents occurs during the accident, they are passengers on motor vehicles.
Although seat belts, stroller seats and booster seats do not prevent damage in each case, they do provide a lot of protection.
These safety devices are designed not only to save lives, but also to prevent whiplash injuries and other causes that lead to spinal and brain injuries.
Each parent should use an age-appropriate car seat for the child.
Please be sure to read the installation instructions carefully to ensure proper use of the seat.
If you do not currently have a car seat and you would like to order one or at least check the price and style, please use the direct link to the Amazon car seat. com.
Death and injury while riding a bicycle is another common cause of child death and injury when they are hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian or on a bike trip.
From a very young age, children should be trained to know the rules of the road.
Whether walking or cycling, all children should know the right way to cross the road.
They should be taught to use crosswalk or get help from crosswalk guards when they have crosswalk.
If they ride a bike, be sure to make sure your child wears a helmet to prevent brain damage and let them know that they shouldn't ride a bike at night.
If they absolutely have to ride after dark, make sure their bikes have lights, they wear bright, reflective clothes, and they know the rules of the road! Credit: www. morguefile.
For children who do not know how to swim, death from drowning open waters is also a danger.
Children should not be left alone on the water when they are very young.
The pool and hot tub should have a fence and an alarm system.
A bigger child must be taught to swim.
I know some teenagers drowned even though they only need to swim a few feet to get to a safe place.
This is a heartbreaking cause of death that should never happen!
Accidental poisoning deaths and injuries accidental poisoning also causes many deaths each year, especially among young children.
Use a child proof container for your medication.
Keep the cleaning solution on high shelves.
In addition to using a child proof container, it is also a good idea to lock in prescription drugs.
Children often mistake medicine for candy, so don't describe your child's vitamins or medicine as candy.
They may try to get more when you don't see it, and if you don't realize it, they may overtake it!
Make sure they don't have access to anything that could hurt them.
Recently, the laundry detergent compartment, which is brightly colored and preserved in transparent plastic containers, has become the cause of many children's poisoning.
Do not let these items be at your fingertips, thus endangering your child.
Like other cleaning solutions, these laundry detergent pods should be placed on elevated shelves that your child can't reach.
The deaths and injuries caused by burns are a terrible danger to anyone, including children.
To prevent your child from getting hurt, practice turning the pot handle to the back of the stove and, if possible, letting the child leave the room while you cook.
One of my friends and eight children always blocks the cooking area of the kitchen while she is preparing her meals so that the children don't accidentally get hurt.
This is a good habit for anyone!
Unfortunately, due to improper handling of firearms, some children die from firearms every year.
Lock your gun and ammo in different places.
This does not mean that children should not learn guns.
In fact, teaching them gun safety is a way to protect children.
Children who know how to check whether a gun is loaded, who have experience in handling and shooting a gun under supervision, are often less likely to discharge the gun accidentally, thus injuring themselves or others.
However, regardless of whether they have been trained or not, the safest decision adults can make is to keep children out of touch with guns.
Finally, teach children not to climb on furniture such as bookcases.
Let them know that it is much safer to use a ladder when necessary than to stand on a chair or table to touch something on a high shelf or top-level cabinet.
Falls can cause severe spinal cord and brain damage, as well as fractures and other painful injuries to young people.
In addition to the risk of falling, many children are injured when they pull a piece of furniture on themselves.
Don't let this happen to your child.
Help your child learn to be independent, responsible and self
Confident, hope they will get better
Make sure you're safe!
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