how to troubleshoot wireless driveway alarms - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-08
how to troubleshoot wireless driveway alarms  -  one way car alarm
The wireless Lane alarm is designed to make a sound when the car passes through the sensors in the lane.
False alarms are not only annoying ---
This may cause homeowners to ignore the alarm, although there are indeed cars in the driveway.
You can rule out the reason why the wireless Lane alarm function is not working properly.
It would be helpful to have some daily necessities here, but electrical skills are not required.
Check if there are enough branches and other debris on the driveway to make the sensor on one side of the lane trip.
Remove any such interference from the driveway.
Dust and other contaminants on the sweeper track that can be blown by the wind onto the sensor-
This is a broom.
Open the control panel cover on the side of the wireless Lane alarm receiver unit.
If the screw keeps the lid closed, remove the screw first using a cross screwdriver or Torx screwdriver--
The type of screws will depend on the manufacturer.
Adjust the "sensitivity" knob in the control panel compartment to a lower setting to reduce the sensitivity of the wireless Lane alarm response--
If there are two switches for this purpose, turn the "motion" Sensitivity switch to the "off" position, and then turn the "distance" switch next to it to "off" as well ".
"Close the control panel cover and reconnect the screws.
Release the fixing screw at the bottom of the wireless Lane alarm transmitter--
Depending on the type of screw installed by the manufacturer, a cross screwdriver or Torx screwdriver will be used.
Tilt the rod attached to the transmitter unit so that the front-
The installed infrared dome points to the receiver unit at an angle of 45 degrees instead of opening directly.
Tighten the fixing screws on the base.
More extreme angles will not allow interference from higher positions
Place objects passing through the lane.
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