how young drivers can avoid high premiums - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-06
how young drivers can avoid high premiums  -  car alarm
As long as he drives his dream car, Mudar Alharazi doesn't care about the emptiness of his wallet.
Alharazi is the sixth owner of the Nissan 240 SX 2 is not important
He bought the car door sports car in 2006.
The car is smooth, low to ground, black, with a white hood, and 20-year-old Alharazi adds a silver double exhaust tip, a black spoiler and an upgraded CD deck.
He likes to hear the engine speed when he drives away.
"It gives you a bit of strength," Alharazi said of owning his car . ".
The teenager is more than willing to do two jobs to pay $275 a month for car insurance to keep the power in his hands.
But when his bills began to pile up, alarazi was forced to sell his dream car.
He started saving without hesitation and bought a brand new one almost immediately, two-
Car door Nissan 50Z sports car.
However, when it came time to buy, the price of the new car was not Alharazi's only shock.
Even with four years of driving experience and a clean track record, he was told that his new sports car will have a monthly premium of up to $640.
This is a story that many young drivers can tell.
But companies like TD Canada Trust and RBC General insurance Co. have some insurance experts.
Air Canada
Share with young people and help them control premiums.
Unfortunately, the first suggestion for Alharazi is that young people should avoid buying sports cars or new cars.
The premium for both is high, as the repair costs for both are higher than for used cars.
Insurance data also show that some sports cars are more likely to be stolen, and their high-speed driving power has deterred insurance companies.
Here are some other tips that young drivers should follow to help them keep their premiums low: go to the driving school.
Although the driving school has different insurance companies, your premium will be lower in any case.
At RBC, if you have completed a certified driver education course approved by the Department of Transport, you will receive three years of driving experience so that you will not pay a new driver premium.
At TD, you will receive a 15 cent discount for the first year premium and an 8 cent discount for the second year.
These classes usually start at $250, but save a lot of money, especially for the firstyear drivers.
Take advantage of the students.
Most young drivers do not drive often, and the occasional driver has a lower premium.
RBC Insurance provides up to 50 "student home discount" for families whose children are not in college or university and occasionally drive a family car ". Bundle up.
Phone bills, Internet fees, and cable fees can all be bundled together, and insurance can also be bundled together.
If you have your own car, try buying insurance from your parent's insurance company to save money.
Bundling home insurance with car insurance can save about 15 cents on insurance, and you don't have to be the homeowner of the discount.
If you live in an apartment, buy a tenant policy plan to protect your item for less than $250 a year and get 12 cents car insurance.
Buy insurance online.
If you are willing to do preliminary research online, you can save time and money.
Most insurance companies have other websites such as online calculators and Kanetix.
Ca will compare car insurance rates for various car companies.
If you fill in the online quote information at RBC, they will guarantee your premium of 5 cents.
Play with deductible and add features.
If you increase your deductible, your premium will be reduced.
Adding a feature for $50 per car, such as an accident forgiveness component, can get your first accident canceled so your premium doesn't increase. Add anti-theft devices.
RBC offers 15% discount for cars equipped with anti-spraytheft devices.
Depending on your vehicle type and residential zip code, adding a wiggle ang tracking system or a car alarm can be a cheap way to dramatically reduce premiums. Be eco-friendly.
TD Bank has offered 5 to 10 cents for environmental consumersFriendly Hybrid.
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