hygienist shares a smile with remote communities - car alarm with remote start

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hygienist shares a smile with remote communities  -  car alarm with remote start
Idea of providing quality dental care to B. remote communities for freeC.
The first time was when health expert Heather Cooper was traveling in Ecuador.
She traveled with kind-hearted action, a registered charity based in Alberta, during her trip to Cooper, who works in Port City Dentistry, realizing that many of the people in Ecuador who have been helped have a poor diet, lack of dental education and access to dental care.
These are all kinds of problems people encounter in B. C.
Especially in lower communities, says Cooper.
Income population in remote areas.
"I'm a little scratching my head and wondering why I 've been traveling when I can help people in my country," Cooper said . ".
"After coming back, I decided to start looking at Vancouver Island to see if there was a need.
Part of the problem, Cooper found, is that people in remote areas face multiple barriers to access dental work because it takes time and cost to leave the community for care.
Cooper created an organization called "share smile" and launched a pilot project in the summer of 2011 to take her to the Nootka Sound area.
"Sure enough, it was widely welcomed, like, 'Yes, please come here.
"We haven't had dentistry for a long time," Cooper said . ".
A group, including Cooper, two dentists and a dental hygiene student, returned to the area on October to visit the communities of Tasis, Esperanza and zebalo and start
'Obviously their service is needed, 'Mr. Cooper said.
"A guy said he didn't go to the dentist from 18 to 52," she said . ".
"It's just because he didn't go out to see a dentist.
"You know, people work for a living and sometimes take a full day off, travel to the Campbell River, spend the night, and then go back.
For Cooper, the reason for setting up this organization can be found from her desire to give back to society.
"You always get more rewards than you give.
People really appreciate it.
Some comments and letters we received
That's why we did it.
"I really like it," she said . ".
Some volunteer dentists have ended their work life and are looking for a meaningful way to get through retirement, Cooper said.
Others, who may not be able to donate their time or skills, often donate money and equipment for the cause, or help host fundraising activities.
Volunteers usually pay for their own travel expenses.
However, when the group decided to travel from Esperanza to nearby Kyuquot to assess the needs there, the trip was donated by the local ferry Uchuk III.
Shared smile plan expanded to two-
Cooper said he will travel every year next year and return to service Kyuquot.
"I know there are a lot of communities on the continent of BC, like the ones near Bella Kula, and there is no service at all," she said . ".
While traveling overseas to Ecuador is fun, Cooper says that now she has a young child who focuses on what she can do locally.
With the natural beauty and attraction of some remote areas, it is also possible to attract professional volunteers from other places.
"For me, here will be about building this connection year after year.
I will meet people . . . . . . Seeing them grow up . . . . . . See how many lives we have changed.
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