in beijing after dark, strange wares for sale at a bustling 'ghost market' - car alarms for sale

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in beijing after dark, strange wares for sale at a bustling \'ghost market\'  -  car alarms for sale
We went to bed at 8 in the evening. m.
Set our alarm clock at 1: 50 A. M. m.
My colleague and I stood up sleepy and walked into the darkness of Beijing's smog.
We go to vendors, dummies, and serious antique collectors who go on a night pilgrimage every week to the only real "ghost market" in the Chinese capital.
The official business hours are 3a. m.
Run every Wednesday until the afternoon of the next day.
But everyone knows that the best deal is at night.
Beijing, 24
An hour of food stalls and countless cheap goods
Whether it's true or not
There are many markets here.
Even if the Chinese are increasingly dependent on online shopping, there is no limit to what you can buy outdoors: fresh --
Roasted chestnuts and (purportedly)
Handmade doll, colorful iPhone case, hand made dumplings cooked on site.
However, there is not a daytime venue, nor is it that you hurried past on your way to work, with the mysterious charm of the ghost market on the southern edge of Beijing.
It is said that the tradition dates back to the Qing Dynasty when the oppressed nobles sold the biography heir under the dark coat to maintain their reputation.
Nowadays, rumors suggest a second reason why the market name is weird.
It is believed that some items sold were obtained through illegal means such as bribery, theft or serious robbery.
When we asked the seller where they got the item, they did not hesitate to answer: "Online!
"We arrived at about 2: 30. m.
Behind a few people who passed by us with big sacks and flashlights.
Some people wear headlamps like spelunkers, dragging small shopping carts.
We followed them to a narrow street with lots of items in rows.
Overflow from the garbage bag, randomly stacked on another bag, scattered on the blanket.
Watercolors are painted on it, using sound, long wooden tubes, and a fox that looks like a specimen.
The crowd squatted on the goods, carried the goods, and checked the goods with a flashlight. "How much?
A group of voices asked over and over again.
"I can give it to you at a cheaper price," the seller replied . ".
"This is the best antique market in Beijing," said Li Xiao, in his 50 s.
"There are many people. It's lively.
As he walked up to another vendor, he kicked a wheelbarrow on the ground and said on his shoulder, "you can buy anything here.
"Buyers who know how to determine the authenticity of the emerald pendant push us aside.
Away from the commotion, Xi 'an, 34, and behind some items sitting on a tarp: a pile of cassette tapes; an old-
Old metal alarm clock;
Colored stamps with brown edges; a machine-
Zhou En's seam portrait-
Lai, China's first prime minister,
A vinyl record called "forward!
Our great socialist motherland
"Unlike most of the booths around us, he has an obvious theme: nostalgia.
He said: "I grew up in the 80 s . "
"Life is better now, but sometimes we are still longing for the past.
"Xi'an used to be a book printer.
He particularly likes comics, and concentrates classic Chinese stories into illustrated stories.
He began to collect these things, buy them online and in the market, and finally accumulated enough collections to start selling.
He said he sought cultural relics from the Cultural Revolution, which lasted from 1966 until after Chairman Mao Zedong.
Mr Tung died in 1976 because "people are always looking for these things.
"Xi 'an is now a professional collector, opening a shop in the ghost market year --round.
Other sellers have no feelings and do business.
Wang Songhua, 40, dragged a box of traditional flowers
Paint his car.
Just that night, he bought five boxes of paintings, which he hoped to sell at a high profit.
From $150 to $1,500)
During the day, thanks to the night discount.
Another vendor has a thick needle.
Instrument of shape.
When we asked what it was, the seller shrugged casually and took a slow sip from the cigarette.
He said, "I don't know. I just found it . "
The passing man shouted, "This is used to measure the water temperature.
"The later the time, the bigger the crowd.
Many people are not worried about strange working hours, including tourists who go to work the next day.
For Li, who likes ghost city, it is worth adjusting his sleep time every week.
Even driving from another province.
Yang Fan, 35, and friends from Tangshan, Hebei province, more than 100 miles away, came to experience the ghost market for the first time.
He went there to buy hiking equipment.
This is China, so the suppliers here are mixed with new and old products.
In addition to the Ming Dynasty vase, red hair badge and clay sculpture Buddha statue, there are used iphone, laptop charger and imported skin care products.
When asked about Chanel No, a seller laughed and offended.
Perfume for $7. 50 was real.
We have only encountered one thing with questionable legitimacy: A female ID card valid for March 15, 2021.
The seller did not respond when asked what it might be used.
We saw our heads just before dawn.
It leaned against a plastic chair and shone a white light under the glare of a rocking flashlight: David's bust of Michelangelo Kiero crumpled in front of the various artifacts around him
A popular vendor, called Lao Li, said he picked up the sculpture after it was thrown away by his neighbor.
Li, 55, looked at his oversized head and asked, "Who is he?
"Wang is a special correspondent.
Yang Yingzhi of the Times Beijing Branch contributed to the report.
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