insanity plea in slaying of former father-in-law - car alarm

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insanity plea in slaying of former father-in-law  -  car alarm
(Jan 12, 2008)
A British national is not criminally responsible for the killing of 71 years old due to mental illness. year-
Old father-in-
Law, Diego Belavia, died from multiple knife wounds outside his Dongshan home.
But Assistant Prosecutor Cheryl Jick refused to accept Matthew Lange's wild request.
She told the High Court jury yesterday that she would prove that the defendant knew exactly what she was doing when he put in a lot of money.
The grandfather of his two little daughters was stabbed into the game with a hunting knife.
In her first opening speech
Gzik said the trial of the degree of murder
Belavia's daughter, Michelle, has a grudge against her husband.
His marriage and the law of failure in the former life of Canada.
The prosecutor said that the trial would hear testimony from a witness questioned by Ranghel whether he could find a gun.
The man told him it was impossible.
"Matthew Lange would like to thank him anyway, and he said two things: 'Diego is a racist jerk, 'and 'going to step down tomorrow.
Known as Dino's Belavia, after sending his little granddaughter home at Montessori school, he returned home when he was attacked in the driveway driving home at Woodside at 9: 30. m. , Oct. 12, 2005.
The victim's hand was injured by defense and bled to death after a stab in the neck vein, chest and abdomen.
Elizabeth Belavia walked out of the house because she thought she had heard her husband's car alert.
She saw Dino alone, covered in blood, and shouted, "What happened?
Her husband said only two words.
"I'm going to die," he said . "
Before returning to Gateway Inn in Scarborough, Ranghel fled the scene in a taxi and disposed of murder weapons, Gzik said. At 11 a. m.
He was seen wiping the vehicle in the parking lot and checking out an hour later.
Police later found his shoes, clothes and personal belongings in the bin behind the hotel.
Ranghel called Air Canada to buy one
Although he already has a return ticket, he still has to return to the UK.
He returned the rented car to Pearson International Airport and took a shuttle bus waiting for 5: 15. m.
Flights to LondonAt 3:55 p. m.
After receiving an alarm from detective Hamilton, Peel district police found Lange in the airport departure area and arrested him.
Gzik said Ranghel was taken to a private room by Peel police for a recorded interview.
"This recording will be played for you so you can see for yourself how he interacts with the police," she told the jury . ".
Ranghel, who grew up in the UK and studied anthropology and society at university, met Michelle Belavia there.
Two young students were married in 1997 and their first daughter was born in the second year.
Ranghel completed his master's degree in art in contemporary urban studies and continued his master's degree in science at London School of Economics.
At the end of 2000, their family moved to Canada, and Michelle's parents lived in Dongshan for about three months before renting their own apartment.
Their second daughter arrived in March 2002, and six months later the couple bought a house on Gagliano Avenue.
However, after seven years of marriage, the British Federation collapsed and Lange moved back to the UK.
When Ranghel accidentally appeared in Hamilton in early October 2005 and began exercising the right of parents to visit their children, the Bellavia family was surprised.
Soon after, Lange appeared in his predecessor.
He asked to talk to Dino.
Matthew Lange raised his fist and screamed many things in Dino.
"Belavia will tell you, including the threat: 'Be a little further away from my child, or I will kill you," Gzik said.
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