interview with chris christie. transcript: 1/30/19, the 11th hour w/ brian williams. - one way car alarm

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interview with chris christie. transcript: 1/30/19, the 11th hour w/ brian williams.  -  one way car alarm
Brian Williams, MSNBC anchor: Tonight's breaking news, Donald Trump said she will allow the Justice Department to decide on the release of the Rob Miller report.
This is a major statement on a major issue surrounding a huge investigation.
In addition, a document submitted by the Miller court today shows how Russians got information from the Miller team, who turned around and used it to fight the false information movement of the investigation.
Is this story completely different if Donald Trump just follows Chris Christie's advice?
The former governor of New Jersey spoke with us tonight about what else he wrote in his new book.
Start on Wednesday night with 11 hours.
Well, good evening again from our NBC News headquarters in New York.
The Trump administration's 741 days, and the breaking news that we resumed on air tonight, are in the form quoted by the president in a new interview to be aired tonight.
Some of them are about customer surveys.
In an exclusive interview with Daily callers, Trump was asked if he would sign Miller's final report.
He replied, "they have to make a decision within the Department of Justice.
They will decide what they do.
I could have taken a completely different position.
I could have been involved.
I can terminate everything.
I could have finished everything.
I have chosen it.
But as you know, I have the right, and I have the right to end everything if I want.
That's enough, I can say.
A lot of people think I should.
Trump was also asked if he had spoken to Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker about the final end of Mueller's investigation.
Earlier this week, you may recall Whitaker saying the investigation was nearing completion.
Trump's response to the matter tonight is, "I have never said it to him.
What I'm trying to say is that after almost two years, this is certainly the case.
You know, dealing with a crime or a process.
The answer is different from what you think, and some people say they have lost their memory or lack it, and many people can understand it.
"We also got fresh revelations tonight from special adviser muellerer about the latest efforts to undermine his investigation.
Apparently from Russia.
Federal prosecutors say Russians have stolen information that the Mueller team has provided to a company called Concorde Management, owned by a Russian oligarchs known as Putin's chef.
Concord was one of the Russian entities Mueller last accused of helping coordinate the intervention in our election.
The Miller team's information was handed over to Concord's lawyer in the United States. S.
Counsel calls it part of the discovery process in this case.
Now, the federal government claims that the Russians took it, modified it, then posted it on social media and used it for us.
In a new court document submitted later today, the special counsel charged theRussians with creating a Twitter account in October 2018 and issued a statement stating that "we have access to special counsel Mueller to enjoy reading.
Mueller's team said that the actions of the Russians were "part of a false propaganda campaign that was clearly intended to discredit ongoing investigations aimed at Russian intervention in the United States. S.
Political system.
Earlier today, Matt Miller, a former Justice Department spokesman, explained why Miller's latest findings were so important. (
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Former US chief spokesman Matthew MillerS.
Justice Department: Miller has been fighting for sensitive discoveries.
Under a protection order, we handed over the insensitive information to them, which is considered to be only with lawyers and others in the company.
This was shown on Twitter along with the fabricated material in the Russian false information campaign, indicating that all the information he gave to his lawyer was handed over to the Russian government and used against the United StatesS. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: that shows us how the president reacted to threats from countries like Russia, North Korea and Iran that his intelligence chief told Congress.
The Intel leader's assessment was completely different from what the president described, and he did not point out on Twitter many times that he felt he had succeeded in dealing with some of the country's biggest rivals, at the same time, the construction of the wall along the southern border continued.
But he was particularly angry at Intel's president's conclusions about Iran's compliance with the nuclear deal.
"When it comes to the dangers of Iran, it seems that intelligence personnel are very passive and naive.
Maybe the intelligence department should go back to school.
The attacks came hours before Trump was briefed on intelligence in the Oval Office.
What must that be?
Tonight, a former CIA director gave these briefings to other presidents involved in the gulf between Trump and his own appointed intelligence agency. (
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Former CIA Director Leon Panetta: I think the best way for you to deal with this president is for him to bear the consequences of rejecting their information.
The way he bears the consequences is that these things are against him because he has not led the country on national security issues. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: Okay, let's take the lead.
Rest on Wednesday night.
Harry Liteman, a former Justice Department veteranS.
Assistant Attorney General under President Clinton.
White House correspondent Jill Colvin of The Associated Press.
Malcolm Nantes, a veteran of naval intelligence, special operations, and Homeland Security, has worked in counter intelligence and intelligence for 35 years.
The authors of the conspiracy to undermine democracy: How Putin and his spies broke up in the United States and the West also happened.
"The book can be updated once a week if the author chooses.
Welcome back to the radio program.
Jill, I have to ask you, in this upside down world on 2019, how much major news did the president say tonight and announce that he will follow the procedure?
White House correspondent Jill Colvin of The Associated Press: I mean, this is very notable, especially in an interview with Daily callers tonight.
We haven't seen the full transcript yet, but it seems very clear to the president that he will not interfere with the release of the final report.
This is contrary to what we have recently heard even from his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who in recent days said that the legal team wanted to correct it in his words, and change it in some way before the final report is submitted to Congress or publicly released.
I just want to remind you, though, that this is the first suggestion we 've heard from the president, and that's the direction, you know.
We haven't heard his legal team support that yet.
To what extent this report will be made public, it is still very, very unclear.
You know, you have Mueller, who first needs to clearly submit it to the Justice Department, and then will make a decision on whether it should be released and how it should be released, from a summary of bulletpoints, what information will then be disclosed to Congress and the potential public.
We also know that this is a government, this is a president of his external legal team, who has been working for the past few years to discredit it before Miller reports it.
So I don't think the battle is over yet.
That's why this is important.
A few days later, I'm guessing to confirm if the process is going on as they expected.
We will have a new attorney general named William Barr.
Tell me what you think of him and what we think of him at the hearing.
He is mainly an institutional.
This is his second time.
This job.
He seemed to answer many of the key questions that satisfied most members of the committee.
So, if you don't find room for maneuver, Harry, in this interview, what the president said tonight, that's also Jill's problem.
Is this good news that the US president has vowed to follow the procedure?
Harry Liteman, assistant deputy attorney general of the former Clinton presidency: that's true.
I think the president of the United States has concluded that there may be no room for maneuver.
He said it was obviously wrong that he had not protested before, very wrong.
Of course he does.
But I think this decision is an early bonus for the Bill Barr nomination and the outlook confirmation.
Barr, who was asked at the hearing about Giuliani's threat to the monkey, said a famous saying that would not happen.
I think Trump and his team, along with Bal Stewart Ding, realized that they couldn't penetrate the Justice Department process and that they had to sit back and let it happen.
So he's just talking about what bar's future confirmation is.
Williams: Hey Malcolm, let's talk about the rumor-making activities of the Russians.
This will enter your cockpit.
This happens sometimes when living in a democratic country.
When you are a special advisor, because we have laws and systems, you have to give some of your evidence to the other party.
In this case, it will wander around and be disguised as false information and hurt by Russians.
Check out all your previous work on this topic. Correct?
Malcolm Nanes, author of the conspiracy to destroy democracy: absolute.
I mean, this is a good example of the fact that Russians first have no concerns about the legitimacy of anything they are doing.
This is an information war.
Pure and simple.
They use the information they find and use the American judicial system through discovery.
They use this information, hand it over to Russian intelligence and turn it into fake information, create a Twitter account so they can feed it back to the USS.
And international news media.
Then try to discredit the special adviser, who, you know, is chasing down the people there-sponsoring them Donald Trump and trying to discredit the whole process.
This is the old Soviet intelligence agency in the past.
But most importantly, they added something to it that I thought was very interesting.
Not only do they steal this information, they don't care about the legality of it.
They are taking this information and using it to provide basic information to the United States. S.
News media the way they tried to deal with WikiLeaks in Hillary Clinton's email
Their mail shopping-we would think it was bold enough that we would ignore that information was taken from Concord Management and then introduce false information into it, which is called black propaganda.
So in their version it would be interesting to see what is real and what is not.
Williams: Yes, they added a small brand to Wikipedia to make it sound better-selling.
Hey, Harry, you're a lawyer. we're not.
So I have two. parter for you.
First-Liteman: OK.
Williams:-for those of us laymen who think it's a credit card, explain what the discovery is. LITMAN: OK.
First of all, most importantly, discovery is very different and very limited in the context of a crime.
This is not complete-
If you are in a civil trial, you may get used to physical inquiry and testimony.
This is providing very limited and specific information.
Basically, the government will use the evidence of the trial and the evidence that may prove the defendant guilty.
Here Malcolm made a good point.
What basically happened was that as a company, isConcord had accepted the jurisdiction of the court, but the respondent did not.
So the outlook and the risk is that the company really can't get a very harsh penalty in the US, it gets that information and passes that information to individuals who use that information to make mischief
But the finding itself is limited and subject to a lot of regulation by the court, just as the court is here to make real restrictions on who can see it and when and how it can be seen.
Williams: I noticed that you still missed some Latin in it.
Okay, Harry, the second part of the question is this.
The first theory I read on social media this week about the Roger Stone indictment was our common friend Joyce Vance, who said the reason they had him involved in these seven preliminary allegations
If they are against him, it means that they will have to expose potential sources and methods.
This is the problem with the counter-intelligence investigation. Do you concur?
I think that's one of the reasons.
Overall, you see all the nuances of mixed counter-intelligence and criminal investigation here.
So, I agree with Joyce that this may not happen later in the process.
But I think they also want to get more, and the biggest thing is that they can get conspiracy charges if-if it comes, it's Stone's own cooperation.
That would be a big bounty.
But I think there are a lot of reasons for Miller, and he hinted in the indictment that he was about to have a conspiracy case and that he would want to wait until it was completely tied up and strong, Joyce said, but there are other tactical reasons before he drops the card.
Williams: Jill, a check on the calendar shows that Sally Ann Yates was fired two years ago.
Looking back, this kind of beginning-well, it started a lot, and it started a lot.
Two years have passed.
It also started an attack on the FBI.
Fast forward to today, the president has asked at least to study the tactics and methods of attacking the Fort Lauderdale stone house in Florida before dawn on Friday.
Corvin: Yes, the president suggested the United States. S.
Intelligence officials returned to school because he thought he knew more about Iran than they did.
Later that day, you have asked the president to interview Daily Caller, who suggested that maybe you need to look at fbistactics, or that he will look at FBI tactics again, because he was apparently abandoned by the way Roger Stone was detained that day, which is described as, you know, when you're worried that someone might, you know, when doing something that compromises the evidence, if you're worried that they might run away in some way, it's a standard way to approach someone
This is a model we see in Trump, who has even been wary of the people he ultimately opposes.
Michael Cohen, for example.
He said privately and publicly that the way the FBI arrested him was by raiding his office, raiding his hotel room, which he thought crossed a line and crossed, revealed their hostility to him.
The president has law enforcement and the intelligence agencies should reflect what he wants them to reflect, and that idea should behave in the way he wants them to perform, which is the model we see in his government, many critics are also very upset.
Williams: Hey Malcolm, ask a simple question before we go.
Are you moved by the fact that the Mueller team shouted in a quiet way from the top of today's Mountain, and it looks like these things are turned around in the false information movement against us?
NANCE: Well, I'm not going to say I'm excited, but it confirms the doubts that many people have been having.
You know, when you talk about dealing with Dmitry Prigozhin, head of the Concord administration, he alsoruns is a mercenary organization in Syria trying to attack the United StatesS.
He is a dirty agent, Prince Eric of sea cucumber vladi.
So I think Robert Mueller, by exposing his activities today, has the hope and certainty that this information will be used to them now.
I'm not quite sure if this will work with the Russians.
They don't care anyway.
But, of course, I hope that this can be part of this process, which shows that Americans who have coordinated with groups such as Concorde Management will certainly not deal with people who use the United States. S.
The legal procedure is straight.
Williams: Oh my God, in your job, all of these people are covered by you.
Harry litemann, Jill Colvin and Malcolm Nanes, thank you three for coming back to the radio scene as usual.
Next, his public schedule is almost empty, but his Twitter feed is running most of the time.
Look at what the president has been doing since his last public appearance and there is no schedule for tomorrow.
Later, Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, came.
He will talk about his time with the Trump team and why he thinks so many people may lie about Russia.
11 hours this Wednesday evening. (
Business break)
Williams: for the fifth day in a row, our president crowded into the White House with no public news coverage on his schedule.
He did have time today for an interview with The Daily Caller, but since announcing the resumption of the government's interim agreement at Rose Garden on Friday, the president has not made public appearances.
This means that congressional negotiators will not meet with the government in February 15.
Trump spent a lot of time on his mobile phone.
This is a small sample of more than 40 tweets he has sent since the weekend, including today's threat, we, "If the Republican and Democratic committees that are now meeting on border security don't discuss or consider it," there are a lot of proprietary names here, "a wall or a physical barrier ", they are proprietary names "waste of time ".
His warning appeared to be ignored.
Democrats announced today that they will "push for an intelligent, effective border security posture that does not rely on expensive physical barriers.
"That means there is no sign of a potential deal yet.
With us tonight, NPR's White House correspondent Tamara Keith and White House correspondent Andre oldonis of the maclach newspaper cover immigration and foreign affairs.
Good evening to both of you.
First of all, Tamara, in our lives, we should all have people like loyal Assala Huckabee Sanders, who said in an interview today that she
Last week, we identified his top priority during the shutdown period as the shutdown and the wall.
Do you know what we can't see in the West Wing?
I have his schedule for tomorrow in my hand this week and have not announced it again.
Tamara Keith with subtitles from Voa Special English
There's nothing public, though there's one with high-
Official ranking of China
From today on, there has been trade negotiations, and the president has not been strictly involved.
In addition, preparations are being made for next Tuesday's State of the Union address.
These usually do require a lot of preparation, so in the days before the federal government, the president is usually seen in public.
So, you know, this is not the first time President Trump seems to have disappeared during the closure in recent weeks.
He seems to have disappeared from public view.
In a way, the wall and border security battle have eclipsed everything on the White House and its other agenda.
Franco, Tamara is right.
We 've seen these long spells and he's comfortable complaining about how long he's been shut down at the White House in Washington and what he missed during the holidays.
You 've been a pool reporter lately, usually you're running and shooting, and you have a lot of responsibility to report to everyone who can't be a reporter to interview the president.
What does this look like except Maytag repairman?
White House reporter Franco oldonis: That's right.
I mean-I think I was there yesterday from the beginning of the day to the end of the day.
The only thing I report to hundreds of journalists is, you know, they are waiting for journalists of any kind, and the message the president has provided is that there is a lunch break at the end of the day, basically before 4: 00.
Colleagues are basically looking at their watches to see if there are Marines outside the Oval Office, indicating that Trump is working.
They were asking him if he was there in the morning, was he not there?
There are many questions about it.
You mentioned the schedule for tomorrow.
In a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier and American manufacturer Chi, he signed an executive order.
It's a perfect time for the president to do some pictures.
The president usually does this by bringing the camera in to show what he is doing.
All of this is closed.
Very interesting.
Williams: And Tamara because we got you on TV and talked about the shutdown in real time.
This is a view of how it passed.
Let's say this in the United States west of Washington, DC. C.
Salt Lake City Tribune will not vote again at Apollo 54%
Donald Trump was elected
Now, the usual warning is that specific Democratic candidates have not been identified two years ago.
But they're not much more red than Utah, and that number really caught your attention.
KEITH: Still, Utah is a unique state, because it has a large immigrant population, and the perception of immigration is different from that of other states.
So this may affect it.
As you can see in Utah, Republican Congressman Mia Loff finally lost in the mid-term elections, one of the more surprising results.
But this is not a good time for President Trump.
His approval rating in many polls is not what he wants.
And, you know, the reality is that between the longest government shutdown in the United States, we're a bit caught up in this temporary uncertainty. S.
History and what will happen next
It is not clear what will happen.
President Trump, many of his allies will even say he lost in the first round, and now there is a time to wait to see what will happen in the second round.
Whether he can stick to his base is very important to him.
He has been very focused on his base and the people of red states.
It is not clear whether the second round is doing better than the first, and what will happen to him in terms of the wall being built.
Williams: as Tamara correctly points out, Franco, when we get to phase 2, we also have a focus on our south.
I don't want to ask you to make a judgment.
But what are the latest ideas on how this government will deal with the situation in ezezuela?
There is a famous moment today.
In the age of digital photography, you have to be careful what your people have written.
Bolton, national security advisor. sorry?
Oh, this is Monday. in the briefing room, a legal document mentioned that 5,000 soldiers were traveling to Colombia on the border. ORDONEZ: Yes.
You know, what's going on in Venezuela is incredible.
On this issue, the president and the Trump administration have been pushing hard to help build a new government to overthrow Maduro.
You know, we're reporting that this has happened, and you know, very soon, some people in the government are questioning how fast it actually goes.
But watching is very interesting, because while Trump has a lot of critics, he actually has a lot of support from the international community and the government on this issue, bipartisan support.
However, the launch of the oil sanctions on Monday attracted some attention, because some people are very worried that maybe it is not the time to do so, which may lead to more problems, more humanitarian issues, basically they don't want to cause or create another Cuba --
In a scene like this, we have 60 years of opponents like them.
Williams: Tonight we thank the two returning guests, TamaraKeith, Franco Ordonez.
Thanks for watching the show.
Next, Chris Christie lives with us in the studio, talks about his new book, what he says, doesn't say Donald Trump and the people around him, when 11 hours continue(
Business break)
Williams: about 30 hours ago, our next guest mixed it up with Nicolas Wallace in this studio, and then last night, with Stephen Colbert, drank tequila, all of this to be clearly prepared for 11 hours. Chris Christie (R)
Former Governor of New Jersey: Yes.
Williams: Chris Christie has known Donald Trump for 20 years.
He saw a lot, heard a lot, and wrote some in his new book, from their first meeting to dinner in 2002, when Trump ordered him to run for president.
So Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, is here with us tonight.
The full title of the new book is "Let me finish: Trump, Kushner, Bannon, New Jersey, and the power you face politics.
"I have to start by ordering for you. CHRISTIE: Yes.
Welcome, by the way.
Thanks, Brian.
Williams: It's strange. I never dreamed of doing it.
The restaurant has different styles.
You can finish this line. Try the veal.
This is the best in the city.
Williams: Thank you.
I knew I could rely on you.
You can order-you can order squid, garlic bread or mozzarella cheese sticks. CHIRSTIE: Yes.
Ordering for be is a strange thing?
CHIRSTIE: Trust me, when he does this, I think that's what I wrote in the book as well.
He called the restaurant owner Jean George out and said remember the great appetizer you made for me that night?
We need two.
Then the main course.
Make it exactly the same.
We need two. Yes, Sir, Mr. Trump.
Then he left.
Then I said, are you just ordering for me?
He said yes, don't worry, you will like it.
Interestingly, the end of the story was that he didn't notice that I didn't eat scallops.
But when I didn't eat mutton, he said why didn't you eat it?
Isn't it familiar?
I'm right. I hate lamb.
He said why did you order?
Williams: That's incredible.
What symbol is this?
Christie's: it was a symbol at that time, he -- we met for the first time, I think he was -- I'm an American in office. S. attorney.
I think he wanted to impress me.
I think he shows off a bit.
That's what I think.
He likes what he has eaten so he thinks everyone will like it and that will be great.
That's what it is.
This is a joke between us.
There are two jokes between us about dinner.
They're all in the book.
One night I was 45 minutes late for dinner and then two or three years later.
Because Mary Pat was in town, she was there on time.
There was a big Lincoln Tunnel backup and I was going to be 45 minutes late to get in.
He was very angry.
I tell you, Brian, I had dinner with Mary Pat at the White House this summer with him and Melania.
When we showed up, he walked into the room and the dinner was 6: 30.
We arrived at 6: 30.
You're here, he said. It's great.
Not like when you were late for me.
This happened 13 years ago.
Never forget. WILLIAMS: Wow.
I would like to extend the conversation that started with Nicole Wallace in this room.
You are a prosecutor, a procedural person, after all, a formal person.
Williams:-the kind we 've been seeing on this radio. And a patriot.
Don't you wonder if everyone is lying?
Are you not at all curious about why there will be Russians at the Cleveland Republican convention?
Christie's: Well, look, I'm not curious about the Russians, because there are all kinds of foreigners in Cleveland, every national convention.
So I'm not in trouble.
As a former president of the United States, it bothers me. S.
Lawyers hate people cheating us and misleading us because it takes our time, money and confidence in the system.
Now, I know. S.
Lawyers don't think it makes sense for stupid people to lie to bad people.
Williams: But they are all lying about one thing. they are all serving a man.
But that's the question they were asked.
What I'm trying to say is that some people will lie if you ask them about the weather.
They are just not good people.
Mike Flynn is not a good guy.
But this is not Christie: Paul Manafort is not a good man.
From his business deal to his tax deal, how much evidence do you need to hide the money overseas to prove that Paul Manafort is just a bad guy?
Williams: But Miller is not in charge of the National Weather Service.
This is a Russian investigation. Christie: Yes.
Williams: Because this is Russia, because we think their thumbs are expanding in the last presidential election. CHRISTIE: Sure.
They tried-they interfered in the election.
They tried to move it.
I think, given what they do, how much they spend and everything else, they have no measurable impact on the election.
The problem with what they do is that we don't want anyone to break our relationship in a minute, let alone the time they 've tried to support it and try to infect it.
So these things are not good.
That's why I keep saying that everyone should leave Bob Miller alone and let him do his job and let him come to the conclusion.
I have told the president and anyone else who is willing to listen because in the end I think he is a fair person and I think he is a direct person, I think he will come to some conclusions.
I don't know what kind of people they will be, but they will come.
Williams: will you, as a former Fed member? One of the stories that people will learn is your years in America. S. attorney.
In front of the world and Donald Trump and others watching you, Chris Christie vowed to accept the results of the Miller report? CHRISTIE: Sure.
As long as Ash has evidence to support it, I will accept the findings from the Miller report.
I think if Bob took it out because he was a professional, he would do it.
But I'm going to tell you one thing.
The first thing that made me uncomfortable with Mueller's thing was the stone arrest.
Williams: Why?
Now, as an American, you have made an arrest. S. attorney.
Christie's: many times.
You know the standards and practices.
Christie: if there is no evidence that the evidence is about to be destroyed, the standard and practice is-Williams: We don't know.
CHRISTIE: Well, he said no, not now.
Now, every time I raid like AmericaS.
Lawyer, because of weapons.
If we know through investigation that someone has weapons in their house, guns, we send people there for two reasons.
One is to make sure that our FBI agents are not hurt, and the other is to make sure that this person is not hurting himself, because if you are arrested, it is a painful moment, some people in the past turned suicide at that moment.
So you're trying to do it with that power.
I don't see any evidence here.
Williams: Do you think we will find out one day?
I think we will.
Lindsay Graham is talking about whether to authorize some questions to be raised with the FBI director.
If so, based on what.
I think these questions should be asked because anything we do, whether it's the president's tweets, attacks on investigations, or over-enforcement, weakens confidence in the justice system, it is a bad thing for our democracy.
Williams: I would like to ask Chris Wray, your recommended FBIdirector.
He was there at yesterday's hearing.
CIA's Gina Haspel celebrated 34 years of service to the federal government this month.
If you are the Maduro regime, the Kim Jong Un regime, or the Putin regime, you wake up this morning to see the United StatesS.
The president is different from his intelligence executives, they control intelligence, isn't that a good day for you?
Listen to me. they must like it.
But on the other hand, I don't think that will change what's going on with Gina Hasper, Chris Ray, or Dan Coates.
I think the three of them showed yesterday that they were sworn professionals who were not affected by political pressure.
Williams: It's a bit strange to live in a country where they don't agree with the boss?
That's true, of course, because he appointed it.
It is wrong for me to do so.
I have expressed this directly to the president.
Because I'm confident that Gina Hasper and I know people like Chris Ray very well, and know that he's doing a good job as FBI director and a very honest person.
But because they are all like this, I can tell you that they will not be affected by this.
You saw the video that Chris Wray did during the shutdown on Friday.
Speak to his people and let them know that he stands up for them and that he speaks on their behalf.
He is such a leader.
He will not let the FBI be affected by any politics, whether it comes from the White House or from Capitol Hill.
Williams: Why don't you think Donald Trump believes the three people who worked for him yesterday?
Christie: It's hard for me to say, Brian.
I really don't know. I don`t know.
I do not know of any reasonable reason to explain this.
Williams: How long have you been talking to him if I can ask, did he call you or did you call him?
Christie's: We usually say it every few weeks, and there are both ways.
Williams: Okay.
Chris Christie has agreed to stay with us as we have taken his car.
It's too cold to walk in New York.
After that, we will continue to talk about these two people. (
Business break)
Williams: this is the book.
This is the author sitting opposite ushere.
Chris Christie is still in our studio.
Let's fire quickly, Lightning wheels.
Christie: Okay.
Williams: Association of names.
Alexander occassioCortez.
Christie: Socialist Party.
Williams: that's it?
That's her title.
She ran as a Democrat. CHRISTIE: Yes.
Well, that's it.
I mean, do you want to do it right?
I can knock it out if you want, but I'm following the direction.
Williams: There are three sizes. Howard Schultz.
Christie: Howard runs. Let`s go.
I got a t-shirt.
Let him compete.
Finally, Kamala Harris.
Christie's: smart lady.
I have seen her several times.
Williams: A member of the former prosecutor's community. CHRISTIE: Yes. Smart lady. WILLIAMS: OK.
Trump company, why have you been back to the concept of entertainment that works for this group of people?
Because I love my country.
Williams: There are other ways to serve your country. CHRISTIE: Sure.
I serve my country in many different ways.
But you know what?
This is my profession.
So, I feel like every night when I go to bed, I thank God for all the gifts that he has given me.
The health of our family, our success, our love for each other.
I know that, to a large extent, it is possible not only through the grace of God, but also because we live in this magical country.
Brian, you also know I am, and believe that you must at least listen when the president of the United States picks up the phone and calls you.
Now, for multiple jobs, I 've said no to the president many times because I don't think I'm suitable for the job or I'm just not interested in doing that particular job
So I won't promise anything.
In fact, I said no to everything.
Williams: To be fair, your friend Jared said no to you on several occasions.
Christie: a few times, that's right.
The only thing I 've said to the president so far is that yes it's the opioid board, and I'm passionate about that, and I'm glad we did.
Williams: You succeeded in changing the president's mindon?
Christie's: there are a lot of different things going back to the campaign.
Just like convincing him to fire judge Curry, knock all those things off.
Firing Khan family
And stop the entire level of attack.
Williams: It hurt a lot. CHRISTIE: Sure.
This is so interesting.
When you read it in the book, it was the family who brought me in at that time to talk to him.
Judge at Curielit is Ivanka.
On Khans it was Jared who called me and said we thought he would listen to you and come and talk to him.
So we will start with the movement to do so.
Turning debate preparation into something more professional and useful, I think it makes him perform better in the second and third debates.
Convincing him not to be deceived in every debate, talking about what he wants to talk about, is the way to succeed in this regard.
You mentioned Chris Wray before.
After Jim's dismissal, I worked very, very hard to claim Chris Ray as a substitute for Jim Comey.
He listened to me on that matter.
I think even though he was worried from time to time, he also told me that he thought Chris did a very good job.
Williams: all the evidence suggests that Americans should feel very good about Chris Rey-Christie: very safe.
Williams: At the FBI.
Do you think the president will finish his first term in the organization?
Do you think he is vulnerable to major challenges?
I am sure he will finish his first term.
I do not believe today that he will face major challenges.
Williams: he's underwater in Utah.
I understand that.
But when you see the number of Republican voters, he is still at 70% to 80% of the support rate, which will be the only one to vote in the primary.
So now there is not much space for the challenger.
Now, anyone who is ambitious in this area will keep a close eye on these figures.
The president now has two years to defend his case. election.
You must re-nominate him before he is re-elected.
If he is working today, he is clearly the Republican nominee, and he will be the representative of our 2020 general election.
But everyone will pay attention to these things.
More importantly, the president should consider what I need to do every day to build my case, I have made America better and I should stay for another four years.
If he is so focused then I think he has a chance to re-elected.
If he is scattered and there are no good people around, then it will be very, very difficult.
Williams: We promised the governor that he would return his car if he waited for another business break, which he agreed.
We will have more support.
Do you have to pay for parking?
Yes, of course. (
Business break)
Williams: Here is the book, here is the author.
We paid back his car and parking.
Christie's: very beautiful.
So he's ready.
I joined.
Williams: In the studio at Nicolle Wallace yesterday, you talked about life being full of failures.
In your book, you are blunt about them.
Starting from a young age, a chapter in your life, previously unknown here, as a catcher in baseball.
What I want to add is that of you amazing kids, you have produced two amazing baseball players.
I have it.
Williams: tell us.
CHRISTIE: Well, when I was in my junior year, I was the pick-up from my high school baseball team.
Good enough players, I have been selected as one of the captains since my senior year.
Then I left to go to private school with someone who had been friends in elementary school and junior high school.
He is an outstanding athlete and a great catcher.
Because our team will be so good that in the last semester of his high school he will be transferred back from private school to public school and accepted my job.
I have to look at my team 28-
2. I have been playing with them since I was 7 years old and won the state championship.
First place in our state
This is the most difficult thing I have ever encountered to be atthat speechless.
Incredibly disappointing because I worked hard that year.
However, some people urge me to resign because they think it is unfair for me to resign.
But my mother said to me that you are not a person to give up and you can go there and do what you can to make the team better.
She convinced me and me that I stayed.
I'm with the team.
We won the state championship and I learned from the fact that all my teammates still admire me.
I am still able to contribute in many different ways.
It makes me understand that you have to cheer up and keep fighting.
Williams: It's going to go into your next chapter too, and you won't say much.
No, I mean, "Let me finish" is enough, right?
I mean, I still think I'm done in many ways.
I'm 56 years old and I'm not ready to hang up.
I think I still have a lot to say and a lot to do.
Brian, I don't know how this will behave. I really don`t. WILLIAMS: Yes.
Christie: I'm not shy.
I have a Republican president right now, and I tell you, I don't think anyone can beat him in the primary.
The only campaign position I'm really interested in is the president and the one I think is best suited.
So if the opportunity comes, I have a chance to win the game and I will consider it, but other than that, I hope that in addition to contributing to my family and their financial situation, find another way --being.
Williams: I can't speak for it, but you can. the best Mexican food by the sea in New Jersey.
I bet.
Look, the best Mexican food you know is on the boardwalk at the Seaside Heights.
Christie's: a spicy sing-up.
I hope Wayne is watching them.
He 'd better do it.
If you want to say something
WILLAIMS: just mention it.
Christie's: that's great.
Williams: See you in Jersey.
I saw you on the shore.
Williams: Thank you.
Because everything is fine on the shore.
Williams: That's right.
I heard this in the lyrics of a song.
Guest tonight, Chris Christie.
Next, look back at what was said today 45 years ago.
When we come back, we will play you the tape in our file. (
Business break)
We're back.
The last thing before we go tonight is the state of the Union address of a president who is under criminal investigation, and his government is facing an urgent existential threat.
This is not a comment for next Tuesday night.
In fact, this is an opportunity to look back at another person at another time.
This was Richard Nixon's January 19.
In fact, on this day, 45 years ago, this proved to be a wishful definition of life. (Start Video)
Richard Nixon, 37 president of the United States: I believe it is time to conclude this investigation and other investigations into this matter.
The water gate incident is enough for a year. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Do you remember the wishful thinking we said?
That was today, 74 years and 45 years ago.
Nixon spoke at a joint meeting of Democratic-controlled Congress.
Everything, whether in the Senate or in the House, Nick song left in August of that year.
Gerald Ford's life goal is to become the Republican speaker of the House, who is sworn in as the next president.
The rest, they say, is history.
This is our broadcast on Wednesday night.
Thank you so much for being with us.
Good night from NBC News headquarters in New York.
Rachel maddow, MSNBC host: They finally did it.
It took them two weeks and no one understood why it took them two weeks, but they have done it now.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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