invention: spy-diver killer - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-21
invention: spy-diver killer  -  what is the best car alarm
For more than 30 years, Barry Fox has been searching every week for strange and wonderful patent applications in the world, tapping out the most exciting, fun and even scary new ideas.
His column "Invention" is exclusively online.
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If you are diving, be sure not to swim near any ships or facilities protected by Thor's new "swim denial" system.
Otherwise, you will soon feel extremely sick and will most likely drown.
Raytheon's underwater sensor can detect any unwelcome presence and trigger an underwater sound system that emits a very powerful low-frequency audio pulse.
The selection of pulse and audio resonated with the human organ like an organ duct, causing the swimmer to vomit into the mask or to have an internal rupture.
The idea of launching a very powerful sound at an underwater target is not fresh.
It can even be used to detonate an incoming torpedo.
But it can also cause damage to marine life.
Raytheon's new system is "more eco-friendly" because the main sound projector located in the middle of the safety zone makes sound with relatively safe power and frequency.
A dozen sub-projectors around the area also send out safety pulses.
But in the area near each sub-projector, the main projector and the sub-projector are combined to produce an absolutely dangerous sound. Would-
Neither Spies nor terrorists can pass through this ring, but there is no general danger for fish, dolphins or whales.
Read the secrets of Thor here.
Think about two very annoying things about word processing and printing.
Static electricity can clog the printer because the paper is stuck together and making a note involves trying to balance or hold the paper upright.
Two German inventors, Brian Schlede and Stefan Krug, from Bayreuth, put the two nuisance together and took out a battery --
Use static electricity to fix the power bracket of the paper in place.
The stand-up bracket is a frame like a photo frame, with an aluminum sheet sandwiched between the two plastic films.
The transformer injects several hundred volts into the aluminum at a safe low current to bring static electricity to the aluminum.
Plastic film can prevent vibration, but it sticks together when a piece of paper is placed on a sandwich.
Patent applications are a useful reminder that sometimes the best ideas are sometimes simple.
Read the original text (pdf in German)here.
Seagate in California says the capacity of the hard drive can be pushed to more than 1 megabyte of data per square inch.
Increasing the density of the data can be achieved by reducing the size of the magnetic points of the recorded data-the tricky point is that the tiny magnetic points are so small that their magnetic properties will disappear quickly after recording.
The solution is to heat one of its points before the disk surface is magnetized by the recording head.
It stores a stronger signal when the hotspot cools down.
The laser beam can be heated, but it has to focus on 20-nanometre-
With affordable optics it is impractical to have a wide point.
Seagate's solution is pre-
Heat the larger area of the disk surface with a larger point, then heat in a strictly defined area, and hit it with a magnetic pulse.
An ultra-fine gold electrode channels a powerful magnetic field to the surface, like a lightning rod, to overheat a point of 20 nm.
The electrode has 50-nanometre-
The square cross section gradually becomes thinner to super
The sharp needle eye near the ordinary magnetic recording head.
The heating process does not reduce the speed of data writing, because the thin magnetic surface of the disk is heated very quickly before applying a magnetic pulse.
Read more details of Seagate's fine-
There's a live recording system here.
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