Ireland's Eurovision hopeful Sarah McTernan tackles calls for boycott - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-25
Ireland\'s Eurovision hopeful Sarah McTernan tackles calls for boycott  -  what is the best car alarm
Ireland's European vision wants Sarah mcdonan to call for a boycott of this year's event in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he says music is about "love and friendship, bringing people together ".
Before she appeared in the second semi-final.
The final of the European visual song competition on Thursday night, 21-year-
Old singer from Co
Claire responded to Irish protesters in Ireland and rte calling for a boycott of the event in Israel this year.
"Of course, everyone has their own point of view and I fully respect everyone's point of view," she said . ".
"It is a great pleasure for me to represent my country, and it is a great honor for me to represent Ireland in Europe 2019 outlook.
It's about music and bringing people together.
"All you need to do is take part in activities where people mix together and know that it does bring people from all walks of life together.
Sarah will do well in the second game.
Play final with her song tomorrow night at ExpoTel avivvenue and hope to follow our success last year
Time European vision champion Ireland entered the final after failing to play in the recent competition.
However, she faces a high demand that most of the strongest songs compete for the final.
The producers also didn't bring any benefit to Ireland because they gave us a second position in the order of operation that was toxic.
Irish euro hopes rehearsed at the hotel on Tuesday (
"There is always room for improvement, there is always room for rehearsal ")
With a little line of sight-
See a slight car accident around Tel Aviv, even in the city.
"This guy is backing up, parking in parallel, we're passing by and all I hear is car alerts and crashes.
He crashed the car.
He was looking out of the window. " she said.
Salah was still performing at the European club on Tuesday night, where she tried a little Irish dance and let's face it, which was a huge deal for Irish European vision in the past
"It was really good, we went in, I met some fans, we performed a show, our dance guide Stewart, made this very cool version, he put a little Irish dance in it, because two of my dancers who came on stage with me were amazing Irish dancers, so Stuart broke it down and put a little scroll in, they made a little fixture on the stage just to make it a little different and a little special.
She made her first semi-final last night.
Play the final at the Expo Arena, and if she play the final on Saturday, she has the opportunity to check out her opponents and her potential opponents on Thursday night.
"It's a little crazy!
Like when someone is pierced and they go first you hardly want to see it cause I'm in the second half
Finally, "said Sarah.
"I was very excited to see everyone last night and wish them all the best.
But it's not just that, it's good for everyone.
I was excited to get back to the hustle and bustle of the field.
"She also made sure she took the time to relax.
"I had a 'My Day' on Tuesday because the last few days were very busy," she said . ".
"I continued to rest, relax in my bedroom, go for a walk with my mom, and all my family and friends came in from Ireland, Denmark and the United States, about ten.
My mother brought me all the necessities.
Sarah added: "It's great here.
People just wish you good luck, fans have been waiting outside the hotel to write to you, they wrote for you, I got amazing flowers from the president of the European vision Fans Club in Ireland.
"It's really good to know someone behind you, because it's an honor to represent your country, and people wish you good luck.
It just makes you more focused.
"She also urged anyone watching the game in Ireland to encourage their relatives abroad to vote for Ireland on Thursday, hoping to vote on Saturday night.
"Let old nannas vote in the UK and elsewhere! " She said.
"Download the app or text or call to vote.
We will also publish the number of votes from different countries, so every vote is important. nts. "
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