jerusalem journal; more than one way to remember the holocaust - one way car alarm

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jerusalem journal; more than one way to remember the holocaust  -  one way car alarm
Deborah sontagmay 3,2000 at 10: 00m. precisely, air-
Today, raids have sounded across Israel, and in honor of the victims of the Holocaust, the country has frozen on track for two minutes.
The driver stood next to their car, the owner walked up the sidewalk, and the pedestrians stopped in the middle.
They hold their heads high or their heads high.
But this did not happen in Mea Shearim or other strictly Orthodox communities.
In Mea Shearim, as if the call of the siren was a car alarm, the religious Jews in black coats and black felt hats did not stop, did not interrupt the conversation, and did not stop shopping.
"Where did this thing from the siren come from?
Shai, a young Hasidic Jew, said.
Blonde curls, who wouldn't like to reveal his last name.
"This is the custom of others ---
English, goyim, 'or nonJews.
What we Jews do is recite religious scriptures.
Not just today, but every day.
Like gom m, keeping silent is insulting the names of those who were burned to death by faith.
A female shopper in a long dress agreed to wear a tight scarf on her head.
"God thinks it's a stupid holiday, it's a melancholy national holiday in Israel," she said of Holocaust Remembrance Day . ".
Restaurants, theaters and nightclubs are closed and schools and radio and television stations are dedicated to Holocaust education.
The advertisement, she said, "they have their own customs," and nodded to the secular Israel. ''We have God.
"For many Israelis, extremists avoid Holocaust Days.
Orthodox Jews cast salt on the wounds of a divided society. The haredim --
Those who tremble before God-
Don't celebrate Israel's Independence Day or Memorial Day.
But many Israelis believe that today, as is known here, is the time when Israeli Jews should stand ---literally --together.
The Holocaust historian, modern Orthodox Jews, and Efraim Zuroff, local director of the Simon visenthal Center, said that the ad "Harley Diem has set up parallel institutions for everything.
"But one wants the Holocaust to be an exception.
If not the unity of the Jews is essential, what did the Holocaust teach us?
"The matter is actually a complex internal Jewish dispute, not only about the way the Holocaust should be remembered, but also about the history of the Holocaust itself.
In Harriet's world, a series of new books, films and museum projects are outlining an alternative to the official description of the Holocaust taught by Israeli schools and exhibited at Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust memorial
Through this calculation, the mainstream statement overemphasizes the body heroism and martyrdom of non-religious Jews who resist the Nazis.
They say that this beautifies the fighters, just as the Zionists of Israel praise the soldiers of the national army, and most of the Harley Diem believe that they do not serve the state by maintaining strict adherence to the Jewish tradition.
In fact, the date of the Holocaust anniversary was set by Israel to commemorate the Jewish uprising in Warsaw on 1943, in which the underground Jewish fighting organization led the Polish Jews to participate four times.
Protests against their deportation to Nazi concentration camps
"Why do we attach more importance to physical fighters?
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub said he was a survivor of the massacre, known as rebbe in the Hungarian city of Kaliv, who led the city with five generations of ancestors.
"What about the rabbis and yeshiva students who adhere to the religious precepts until the end?
Aren't they defending the soul of the Jews?
They don't have an F for Israel today-16's and A-bombs?
Even more sharply, Moshe Gorelick's article in The heilidi weekly entitled "even in Israel, they deny the Holocaust," the official Holocaust Day made it clear, those who "hold the pious soul to the last minute" disdain for "going to slaughter like a lamb ".
"It is well known here that many haredim avoid Yad Vashem, and almost all other Israelis visit Yad Vashem regularly as primary school students and soldiers.
Most often, they raise religious objections to nude photos of Holocaust victims.
Deputy mayor of Jerusalem, a super
A few years ago, Orthodox Jews created a commotion when he threatened to cut off funds for Yad Vashem without taking pictures of "immodest. But ultra-
The main complaint, the Orthodox rabbi said, is ideology.
They said that the museum did not pay full tribute to the religious martyrs, including the rabbis holding visas, who could have immigrated but stayed in the European leadership ---and die with --
Their followers
Rabbi tabby is trying to supplement official history.
He published two volumes of the Holocaust Encyclopedia, full of stories of devout Jews who complied with Jewish law in slums and concentration camps in spite of all difficulties.
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He is raising money to build an alternative Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, laying the groundwork for it.
Another museum project is being carried out in Bnei Brak, carried out by a separate organization.
After the Holocaust memorial ceremony began on Monday night, the rabbi spoke through his private secretary to Bnei Brak, a religious group near Tel Aviv.
The rabbi does not accept questions from women;
These questions were raised by his secretary.
His assistant placed a big picture frame between the rabbi and the reporter so that his line of sight would be blocked.
He spoke to the ceiling, alternating his 17-year English in the United States in Hebrew and Yiddish.
Finally, his blessing and oral form of small plastic storage bag contain a month-
A coin worth several pence.
"When a man has been in prison for decades, he promises to himself that he will do something good when he is released," the rabbi said . ".
His kindness usually disappears.
I assure myself that on the day I survived the catastrophe, I will think about it day and night.
What does Holocaust Day mean?
"For Holocaust survivors and for many of the people who attended the official ceremony, that means a lot.
According to statistics released today by Israel, about 230,000 Israelis once lived under Nazi rule and the number of survivors is decreasing.
About 20,000 people have died since 1997.
Today, Prime Minister ehood Barak and other government officials took part in an annual traditional event to read out the names of Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust in a broken voice.
In an editorial in The Harriet newspaper Hamodia, an advertisement was published saying, "God --
Fear Jews still use "these same names, in the same books, in the same customs, in the same tradition
Manufacturers in Israel want to keep it in museums.
Some religious Jews believe that they themselves are rebuilding the lives of European Jewish villages destroyed in the Holocaust. Mr.
Zuroff, author of a new book, "reaction of American Orthodox Jews to the Holocaust (
Yeshiva University Press)
He said he believes that the halidam people have encountered difficulties in dealing with the history of the Holocaust.
In fact, it is difficult for a person with deep faith, and so is their leader who has made costly mistakes.
For example, he said, some rabbis in Hasidic ordered their followers to stay in Europe and not run away, which was ultimately devastating.
Then, when some of the top rabbis died with their community, others fled themselves. But ultra-
Orthodox leaders disagreed, and this morning on the streets of Mea Shearim, it came down to something more basic: The Holocaust day was a secular event decided by the secular authorities.
Harley-Diam obeys what they consider to be the higher authority of the Torah.
The Holocaust day was during the month of celebration-the Hebrew month of Nissan-when Orthodox Jews in the strict sense were banned from publicly expressing their condolences.
Modern Orthodox Jews think this is literal.
I think this ban should apply to Holocaust Day.
But those who strictly followed the rules said that Judaism marked the tragic event of the Jews in the life of Tisha B 'Av, a day of fasting and mourning, commemorating 586 B. C.
The Second Temple in 70 years.
Other Jews, they say, allow the Holocaust to dominate their view of the world.
"All Jewish history has not started and ended from the Holocaust," said Harriet spokesman Jonathan Rosen bloom . ".
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A version of the article was printed on page A00004 of the National edition on May 3, 2000, with the title Jerusalem daily;
There is more than one way to remember the Holocaust.
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