Josh Freed: The seven signs of spring in Montreal - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-08
Josh Freed: The seven signs of spring in Montreal  -  the best car alarm
I saw my first real spring sign last week, the first Montreal city version of Robin.
This is an outdoor terrace on Peel Street. —
My heart is beating
Since then, crowds of people have come here, a heartwarming, seat-
The long winter is finally over.
When City Workers tear down the hockey field and set up park benches, picnic tables, and Bixi stations, I feel a similar warmth shaking, even if many people still don't have bicycles. These are sure-
Fire signs for spring in Montreal, we need them
The winter of a month begins and ends.
OK, it may be pouring rain when you read this, as the weather sites have all posted a terrible "rain alert! ” (
Watch the rain! )
But our town finally reawakened in all its glory, courage and dirt.
So let's celebrate the seven signs of spring: 2 billion tons of black ice finally melted, showing 200,000 tons of gravel, thrown down by city workers throughout the winter.
It covers our city like a layer of moondust and blends with five-month cigarette butts, lotto tickets and candy wrappers, 500,000 plastic bags and 650 trillion dead leaves.
In addition, the dog poop left by the owner is worth the winter money and they should be detained instead of their dog.
Last Sunday, the Tam drummer left Mount Royal after five deafening games --month silence.
Although there are only 100 people there, playing drums in coats and gloves, I have never been happy to hear them.
As clothing becomes less and less, the crowd gets bigger and bigger every week.
It would be a nudist party if we didn't have winter.
The construction of spring is full, so many roads --
You would think we were spying.
There are orange detour signs on each street.
A friend sent a photo of four detour signs at the intersection of Verdun, all on Highway 15 --
All in different directions.
Even my GPS has been confused lately, let me say Barré Street on the street, and then change the route again and again until my screen freezes "re-rerouting”.
I suspect my Google Maps app is desperately consulting Waze while my Waze is consulting Google.
Who can accuse them in Montreal that all the roads are now ruined.
Spring is also a season of potholes, setting a record of "bumps" this year --er crop.
We have all become "road scholars" and look carefully at each pit to avoid the price that could cost you the wheel or worse.
The city reported last week.
There's only 99,999,945,000 left.
Protesters, taxi drivers and angry unions in Bill 21 have all returned to the streets.
There is a reason why the student protest is called Maple Spring.
Our protest was the first outdoor rally this year, a festival full of discontent.
There are also disadvantages in spring.
This street since April 1
The sweeper is back. So is the post-
Set the alarm clock to move your car with all your neighbors to the spring ceremony on the other side of the street.
Then we all played the "Music car" around the block and the winner would get a traditional ticket for $52.
Oh, make $78 since then.
It was enough for me to drive to a free place in Laval and then the metero House.
The best spring gift is the extra light when the sun is now set at 7: 45. m.
Not four hours after I woke up.
It's been brighter since we got back to daylight.
But changing our clock may soon be the past.
EU countries will stop timing
Although each country will vote on 2021 to decide whether it is a permanent "summer" or a "winter ".
It won't be long here.
I pray that the Montreux will finally vote for the daysaving —not daylight-craving time.
I just had an annual spring trip to the main store to see who survived or died.
I am happy to find more survivors than usual.
My favorite ramen restaurant is closed but after this long winter all the trendy new clothes, tattoos and coffee shops that have opened in recent years are still there. Bravo!
A few new places are opening up and to my surprise there are three places where the logo "need help" is posted.
"Montreal signs like this were once more rare than construction cranes, and construction cranes were more rare than Naruto cranes.
But now they're just another sign of spring.
Several major businesses have launched their "illegal" plastic chairs to get old customers to sit down.
Soon, city inspectors will give them a ticket, and merchants will sit in a chair on the day the inspectors come on a regular basis --
At the stupidest ceremony in spring
Three cheers for the chair!
Meanwhile, ignore the rain alarm!
Dirt, potholes, detours and parking tickets are concentrated on the bright side.
Soon you will be lounging in sandals and in the crowds and festivals --hopping.
It won't be long before you start complaining again. about the heat. t.
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