Kevin Palmer: 'Alarm bells ringing loudly at Man United, but their biggest problem remains in place' - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-27
Kevin Palmer: \'Alarm bells ringing loudly at Man United, but their biggest problem remains in place\'  -  what is the best car alarm
If Manchester United fans do not hear enough alarm bells in the final weeks of the Premier League season, their eardrums must now explode.
Call for a revolution at Old Trafford money Center
The sound of making the machine came long before Mourinho became the latest high --
The profile manager is trying to bring glory time back to a club that has been in reverse since Ferguson retired six years ago.
However, with news coming in early 2019, a new dawn will finally light up Old Trafford, suggesting that Manchester United are planning to appoint a sports director, presumably free of charge
Senior executive deputy
Chairman Ed Woodward does what he is best at and builds a lucrative sponsorship deal to increase the 72 club partners currently pouring money into the Manchester United brand.
Over the years, it has been clear that Woodward was very bad when negotiating a transfer deal with Angel Di Maria, bogba and Sanchez were just three expensive mistakes he made on the list, the mistakes are long enough to ensure that his role as Manchester United's chief transfer negotiator has become untenable. Independent.
Ie can confirm that former Tottenham and current Leipzig sports director Paul Mitchell are one of the tentative candidates for a new role at Manchester United, and Woodward is clearly willing to abandon the transfer negotiations, which has been welcomed by all parties, the encouragement of Manchester United legend Gary Neville.
"The first thing they should do is transfer the person in charge of the club to the club's business unit and then back in London," Neville made a statement in several criticisms of United Sky Sports at the end of the English Super season.
Ed Woodward has time to do the job.
I think he had a chance.
Leave him at the club.
The Glazer family is very happy with the income and operating profit, but he has the opportunity to manage the football club of the club.
"They have to bring in a different structure.
It's a big football club and a monster of a football club, so they have to take the best in the class to the side.
"Their enthusiastic comments were unanimously endorsed by the club fans, however, last month it was shown that Woodward was not in the mood to leave his strong role, because some people think that the new face in the role of "sports director" is only a buffer between first-team managers and the owner of the club.
Former Manchester United player Ferdinand Darren Fletcher and current assistant manager Mike Fallon have been linked to a cynical character who will argue to provide an image of change, not clear
The final result seems to be that the failed policy of the past six years will continue to be implemented at Manchester United this summer, because there are rumors that Woodward has provided overpriced suggestions for high-profile goals and summer arrivals to move Swansea's Daniel James and Newcastle midfielder Sam longstoff and other young players will arrive. is supplementary.
This is not the pattern that Neville and Manchester United fans are calling for change, and due to the club's chaotic scouting structure, it has apparently failed to bring the right people and players to the club in recent years. United's long-
Time's chief scout is Jim Lawler, who was placed in Ferguson during his tenure as manager, and he was assisted by Marcel Bout (
Legacy of Louis van Gaal administration period)
John moorhard came to the club as David Moyes suggested when he was destined to be a manager and became the head of development for Manchester United.
During Moyes and Van Gaal's reign, the disconnect between the club's first-team coach and the club's hierarchy was obvious, and Mourinho hinted again and again that Manchester United are now starting
Up is dysfunctional, and there is an urgent need for a person with no real name to combine different views.
However, Woodward seems keen to maintain his power status as he plans to spend another summer under his fourth manager, with solskia lining up as his latest landscape
If it fails again next season, it will be a goat.
Rumors that Paul Pogba will be handed over to the Manchester United captain will anger many supporters, they have seen the Frenchman connect him with Real Madrid when his agent continues to perform poorly, and with the poison of polluting clubs unlikely to be removed by solskia, as long as he has a failed transfer master to bid for him.
Before they can move forward, Manchester United need to implement fundamental changes until they arrive, and Manchester will continue to hold street parades to pay tribute to the blue Champions team, they neatly filled the gaps created by their silent neighbors. Online Editors
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