killswitch: car security on the cheap. - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-20
killswitch: car security on the cheap.  -  what is the best car alarm
I'm hopeless absent. minded.
Plus I usually go to school early, often sit in my parking space and listen to the radio, fiddling around on my computer for a while before class, and I often leave the key on the ignition and/or the door is not locked.
Obviously, I have to find an unnecessary complexity and technology, not just trying to remember --
Even if you are not as casual as I am, stealing a car is a problem.
Alarm is generally annoying and generally ignored.
Star and Low Jack are expensive.
How do you avoid coming to your parking space and finding a little broken glass without anything else?
Let the beginning become a complex and mysterious ceremony beyond the understanding of the uninitiated.
For a while, I was confused about the problem.
One option I heard was to connect the toggle switch to the fuel injection computer.
This may confuse any thief trying to steal a car as it does not immediately recommend the use of a traditional kill switch.
Of course, the danger is that if the switch is accidentally turned off during driving, the engine will crash.
In my car, a 2002 Toyota Celica, I realized there was a switch under the dashboard that blocked the ignition when the clutch was not fully pressed.
By interrupting this circuit, I can prevent anyone who doesn't know the switch from starting the car.
If someone breaks into your car and tries to power it up, they may be familiar with anti-theft measures like this.
So it's important to hide your switch.
There are several ways you can do this;
This is an option if there is a hidden place that is easily accessible from the driver's seat.
However, this is also easy to find by anyone except amateur thieves-
Only so many places can hide the switch and still have access to it.
So I personally decided to hide the switch somewhere obvious.
I have a button on my Celica dashboard that prevents the passenger window from scrolling down.
This is a completely useless function. -
But this is a switch.
Don't look at all the inappropriate style switches.
Other rarely used switches can also be used-
While I'm not sure about the legal impact, the emergency flash button can be used.
If you don't have any switches that don't use, consider connecting another switch to control the functionality of what you're using and assign the original switch to the killswitch function.
Because for me, the whole point of installing this switch is that I often forget to remove the key from the car, and every time I leave the car, I remember turning off the toggle switch, which seems to be rash.
So I decided to install an instant switch too ---
Even if I let the toggle switch activate, the instant switch can still prevent theft.
If both switches are on, it is a double line of defense.
This step is unique to my project and may not be a problem for you.
I found that when the window lock button was pressed, it broke the Circuit of the control window.
Therefore, simply
Using the switch will prevent me from shaking my passenger window again.
To solve this problem, I use a small piece of copper wire bridge contact point and paste it in place.
It makes me push it back and forget it.
I connect the two switches to the killswitch circuit with a speaker wire.
It is cheap and easy to use.
In fact, I connected them in series so that turning on any switch would stop the car from starting.
Although the first and fourth contacts are connected for the window lock circuit, my Ohm-
The meter shows that the circuit is completed in the third and fourth when the button is pressed.
I connected the wires to these contacts and cut off part of the switch housing for convenience.
After connecting the two switches together, it's time to put them in the car.
I took a blank panel on the dashboard (
There is already a switch control inverter that provides 110 v ac to the power socket, which used to be an ashtray for my car)
Drilled a hole for the instant switch
I put the window lock switch back in place and input the instant switch through the back of the panel.
I then insert one of the leads into the existing clutch pedal to cut off the switch and peel off the end.
I then connect them to both ends of the safety switch circuit I made with wire nuts.
It's like a charm. Any questions?
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