kyle busch wins auto club 400 for his 200th nascar victory - auto window closer for car

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-20
kyle busch wins auto club 400 for his 200th nascar victory  -  auto window closer for car
Kyle Busch was ready to win his 200 NASCAR series match on Sunday and suddenly he seemed to throw it away --
Too fast. Busch’s No.
Toyota dominated the Car Club 400 in Fontana, but when he had 77 laps left, he surpassed pits 55-Speed limit.
This caused the punishment of NASCAR, who was fined 18 years old, and although he was fined back to sixth place, he was eight seconds behind the leader on the car club highway.
But Busch is driving a green car,
Fortunately, Patrick's Day.
A cautious period appeared, 38 laps away from the stadium, Busch Ray started first and insisted on winning 2-2.
Four seconds more than Joey Logano.
"I know I have a great car," said Busch, who was driving for Joe Gibbs.
"Sometimes you have to have a little bit of luck on your side.
After Busch took the plaid flag, he got another banner with the words "200 wins" and he carried out the window to celebrate his lap before watching the stage.
33-year-old Busch won 53 games in NASCAR's top race
Energy Cup Series.
He also won 94 games in the second.
Tier Xfinity Series and 53 in NASCAR Truck Series.
He was the first to complete the feat on three tracks.
Busch won his 200 games in Fontana, which seems appropriate because that's where he won the first Cup for Hendrick Racing in 2005.
NASCAR legend Richard Petti has won 200 victories and seven championships in the tournament now equivalent to the Cup Series (
Busch is number 11 on the list)
But Petti is driving in another era with different cars, tracks, staff and technology.
In any case, it is generally believed that because of its aggressive and tenacity on the track, it is known as the "noisy" cloth, and the characters who have long been polarized among racing enthusiasts,
It's all written on the flag.
@ Kylebussch | AutoClub400 picture. twitter.
Com/ckguyytublbussch also won the 2015 Cup title as his leg was injured in a crash in Daytona, Florida at the beginning of the year.
"You can't argue with how good he is," four-year-old Jeff Gordon
Fox Sports analyst times Cup champion said on Sunday's TV show.
Busch said, "whatever it means, winning 200 means a lot to me.
This is undoubtedly an immortal moment for all of us.
"Gibbs, his team owner and Hall of Fame football coach, agreed.
"He's pushing that thing," Gibbs said . ".
"This is a big charge from the back.
Somehow Kyle was able to get this done.
It was Busch's fourth Cup win at the Auto Club track and his second consecutive victory last week after winning the Championship in Phoenix.
This made Busch the first repeat champion of five cups this season.
After Logano, his teammate, Brad keylowski, came third.
Kevin Harvik is fourth.
Once Busch re-joined the leaders in the later stages, "the 18 th detonated our door and drove away from us," said Lugano, who was driving No. 22 Ford.
"There is nothing in that green car.
"With Busch setting the speed, most of the games in other venues are spent on the car club highway, which has been typical for many years on the wide and wide oval track.
But it has also raised questions about NASCAR's new rules for the Cup this season.
NASCAR adjusted the horse power and aerodynamic performance of the car, hoping to be able to promote closer racing and help the sport bounce back from the drop in attendance and TV ratings.
But Sunday doesn't seem to be any different.
For example, just past the middle point, after a long time of Green
Third flag extension
Place car is 11 seconds behind bussch. The 10th-
The local car is back in 22 seconds.
This has caused complaints from many fans on social media.
"All this hype is free ". . . . . . "The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Comments on Twitter included "The game was very disappointing ".
These changes are "in progress," Gibbs said.
"I know NASCAR will continue to work on the racing package," Gibbs said . ".
"We are trying to get the best car.
At the same time, Busch will win the first victory.
201 next weekend at the Martinsville track in Virginia.
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