lea bridge flooding: mother and baby rescued from floods by london fire brigade in boat - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-06
lea bridge flooding: mother and baby rescued from floods by london fire brigade in boat  -  car alarm
A mother and baby were dramatically rescued on a rubber boat by firefighters from the flood waters in East London.
The "Spirit of London" was captured in London as neighbors gathered to fight in a huge flood.
After a house in Hackney was flooded with bursting water pipes, the children were filmed going to school in a few feet of water.
The rising flood flooded dozens of residents' cars.
It is reported that the water pipes near Lea Bridge Road burst and the house was damaged. Max Scott-
Slade, a resident who is estimated to have two to three metres of water around his home, said a parking lot was flooded.
Mr Scott said the apartment on the first floor seemed to be flooded with water and people wanted to "move their records upstairs"Slade.
The Thames told the Standard that a team was working to solve the problem and to solve the "difficult times" for residents ".
Firefighters were also sent to the area to help with flooding in underground parking lots.
Emergency service personnel used an inflatable boat to rescue a man from the apartment and a woman from the store. Mr Scott-
Slade said he was woken up by the noise from the car alarm and when he looked out of the window he saw the car "under water, the lights flashing ".
He said his neighbors were trying to fight in the flood with their socks on, while schoolchildren were risking School in socks.
"We can see that the children are all climbing out of the window, they are just wearing socks," he said.
He added that it is also possible for his building to be evacuated to a nearby school.
Community, 33-year-
They knock on each other and try to help and make the most of the situation, the old added.
It captured some of the "spirit of London", he said, adding: "[emergency]
Great service and community ".
Water on the Thames
Mr. Scott, helping residents, too.
Slade added, but this has not been resolved yet.
A spokesman for the water company said: "We are very sorry for the disruption caused by our burst pipe affecting the area around Lea Bridge Road.
"From the early days, we had a huge team working there to stop the flow of water in the pipeline, reduce flooding and support affected customers.
"The flood has receded throughout the afternoon and we expect to completely stop the flow of the burst pipe tonight.
"Our next step will be to dig into the damaged part of the pipeline so that we can evaluate what repairs are needed and continue to support affected customers when they need it.
"Some customers in the area may notice that when we try to redecorate, they have low or no water pressure this evening
Route the water around our complex pipe network in order to transfer around the burst, but it should be just short term and we will provide updates through our social media and digital channels.
Thames Water said: "A small number of families whose apartments on the first floor have been flooded have been moved to temporary accommodation.
Anyone affected by the flood will also receive accommodation and provide bottled water to those affected by the water supply.
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