london café owners' torment as burglars strike four times in eight months - best car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-01
london café owners\' torment as burglars strike four times in eight months  -  best car alarm system
After a London cafe was targeted by thieves four times in just eight months, customers backed the cafe.
Over the past eight years, Olive deli has been on Munster Road in Fulham, but the store's business has been frustrated since January --
See the ruthless thieves stealing ins from tills for employee tips, wine and cash.
Barbara antlemi, 44, runs a deli with her partneryear-
Old Roberto Francey said she had no idea why Olive was picked out by a thief.
She told the Standard on her first break.
On January, the thief stole the income of the day.
Antlemi MS said they tried to protect the building after each burglary --
But criminals have found a different way to get information.
She said that closed-circuit television was installed in the store and windows were banned, but somehow the thief still attacked again and again.
"It made me very sad to come in the morning and find that the same thing happened," she told the Standard . ".
"We have no reason to be a target at all.
Maybe it's because they can go in once they try again.
"We are good people, we work 15 hours a day, we live and work in Fulham, it's hard to run a business, it's not what we need.
"However, she said that although the burglary caused unease, she and her partner were encouraged by the positive response from the local community.
On the day after the latest burglary, a loyal customer visited the store and found it closed, he set up a crowdfunding page to pay for better security, since then, a large amount of public donations have been attracted.
MS Antelmi said she and her partner, the chef at the deli, "the person in charge of all the delicious food," plan to spend money on the alarm system and more window bars.
"One morning, we couldn't open the door because of the rest --
Antle said: "MS.
"Our customers said they were worried that we might move out of here and didn't want us to go.
"I'm really glad they cared so much about us that they moved to help us and we never asked for it.
"I appreciate that we have a good relationship with our customers, but I didn't expect that to happen.
"A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said that since December 15, four reports have been submitted to the police on the theft of Olive Delicatessen.
He added: "The police are investigating a non
On the morning of August 9, a burglary occurred in a deli on SW6 Munster Road, which was reported by the police.
"The investigation is in progress and no arrests have yet been made.
Officials at Hammersmith and Fulham are investigating.
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