Lovelorn invasive frogs threaten California house prices (VIDEO) - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-04
Lovelorn invasive frogs threaten California house prices (VIDEO)  -  car alarm
The Koki frogs originated in Puerto Rico and made their harsh mating cries over and over again
Sometimes all night.
The frog's cry was unusual and people confused it with other annoying sounds, and Beverly Hills neighbors called the police because they thought they were listening to the car instead of a little frog.
Frogs arrived in Hawaii in their 1980 s and were distributed on four major islands.
They become a noisy pest by lowering the value of their property.
They stopped potential homeowners worried about staying awake at night.
The study of Hawaiian house prices found that the existence of frogs "has a significant negative impact on the value of real estate ".
Frogs are the size of their nails at birth, so scientists believe they can easily be hidden in fruits and plants imported from kabcreport, Hawaii.
Amphibians need a humid climate to survive, which allows them to come to the nursery and other places with a sprinkler system.
Torrance, Orange County, and San Diego have now built populations of loud frogs in some of their nurseries.
Not everyone, however, feels that it sounds annoying, and some people like coqui frog songs. This real-
Life problems remind people of Homer Simpson's screaming caterpillar.
Unfortunately, the future of 17 species collectively referred to as "coqui frogs" is at risk in their native Caribbean habitat.
Proyecto coqui and other groups are trying to protect amphibians from the sharp population decline that currently affects their entire class.
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