maruti goes for anti-theft device - best car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-08-30
maruti goes for anti-theft device  -  best car alarm system
India: Indian car manufacturers talk about high in a positive waytech anti-
The theft device in the car
Although most luxury cars in India already have such equipment
Called anti-theft-in-
Built into it, mainly small and compact cars, it missed out on safety.
Maruti Udyog along the route of Toyota Motor, Honda Siel Motor India Ltd. and Ford Motor will introduce anti-theft systems on all models.
Equipment called iCATs (
Intelligent Computer defenseTheft system)
Reusable communication of working principle.
Under this system, a transponder
Car keys built in-
With a unique electronic logo and password, digital communication with the engine computer through the controller.
If the password matches, the engine starts, and if it does not match, the electronic circuit will not let the car start, thus preventing the car from being stolen.
According to a source, the new device will increase the cost of all departing Maruti cars in the coming weeks, and the company plans to pass on the rate hike to potential buyers.
He added that the interest rate hike of several thousand pounds will be passed on to consumers, and there is no reason to hesitate whether to pay more to ensure additional safety.
Ford Ikon, except for e-
Honda Civic and CR sedan
V has installed the anti-theft device, another anti-theft device
A theft device called a key.
Honda City and accord have fewer entries, which are optional in Toyota or remote control
Hyundais Verna, Sonata and Elantra all have central locking features.
Although the concept of a security guard is still not mandatory in India, automakers are slowly becoming aware of the increase in the number of car theft and the reduction in recovery rates.
This can be measured by the current theft of most cars --
But even they are easily tampered.
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