May promises 'proper investigation' as London tower block fire death toll rises to 12 - best car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-01
May promises \'proper investigation\' as London tower block fire death toll rises to 12  -  best car alarm system
Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a "proper investigation" 24 hours after the fire was swallowed up"
Storey tower block in London says they will take action if anything is to be learned.
Police confirmed that 12 people were killed in the fire in Grenfell Tower, and the death toll is expected to rise further.
Ms. May paid tribute to the efforts of emergency services and said that hundreds of people affected by the fire should be supported.
She said at Downing Street: "Some people have no home to go tonight and they have lost everything, so we have to focus on supporting them.
"In due course, when the site is safe, when it is possible to determine the cause of this fire, there will, of course, be an appropriate investigation and if there is any lesson to be learned, they will take action.
London Mayor Sadik Khan says "a lot of people" are missing after a fire in Grenfell Tower, North Kensington.
More than 200 firefighters were reportedly sent to deal with the fire. 15am.
Firefighters work late into the night to control the fire, but there is no danger of collapse in the block after inspection by the structural engineer.
They are dealing with the "fire pit" in the building, and many people are still missing.
Steve apput, director of safety and assurance at the London Fire Brigade, said: "I can confirm that I 've managed to get firefighters to get through particularly tough conditions on the top floor.
The London Fire Brigade says 65 people have been rescued from the building.
Residents who fled the fire talked about other people trapped, screaming for help, some holding their children from the window, and others jumping from upstairs.
Some bodies have been removed from the burning remains of the building, which has 120 apartments and is considered home to 400 to 600 people.
Stuart Cundy, commander of Metropolitan Police, said: "Unfortunately, I can confirm that we know that 12 people have died now.
"It will be a long and complex recovery operation and I expect the death toll to be over 12.
"With a minimum of 24 stories high, Grenfell Toweris has recently undergone major renovations, including insulation outsourcing, new windows and new public heating systems.
According to Kensington and Chelsea's royal borough, it was built in 1974 and has 120 houses.
A resident on the 17 th floor of the block, known as Methrob, told LBC Radio that "the real problem is when it's on fire on the outer cladding ".
Kensington and the Chelsea Commission said in a statement that "at the moment our focus is on supporting rescue operations," adding that "the cause of the fire will be fully investigated ".
According to the London Ambulance Service, 20 of the 74 people treated at six hospitals in London are in intensive care units and they are undergoing a series of injuries.
The national health insurance company said that there is no detailed information about the people who were sent to the hospital.
St. Mary's Hospital, Chelsea Hospital and Westminster Hospital, Royal Liberty Hospital, St. Thomas Hospital and King's College Hospital.
A spokesman for the London area of NHS England said: "Our thoughts are related to the tragic events in the Grenfell Tower quarter of Kensington.
"Our priority is to continue to work closely with the NHS and the associated emergency services ".
Stuart Cundyof, commander of Metropolitan Police, said: "I can confirm that there have been some deaths and other people who have received medical care.
We will get in touch with close relatives soon.
"It may take some time before we can confirm the cause of the fire," the unit said ".
Firefighters from North Kensington, Hammersmith and Paddington and the surrounding stations are on the scene, and the fire burns from the second floor to the top floor.
About 30 apartments near the scene have been evacuated and warning lines have been in place.
A witness who lives near the scene of Latimer Road said he was worried that the block would collapse.
"This is the most terrible thing I have ever seen.
I just want them to take everyone out . "
Another witness said: "I watched a man fall and I watched another woman hold her child outside the window. . .
Hear Screams
"I called everyone down and they said, 'We can't leave the apartment, the smoke in the hallway is so bad, '" he said '. ".
A column of pungent smoke can be seen rising from the building before seven o'clock A. M.
There are still several layers of flames rising in the burnt building, as desperate efforts to control the fire continue.
Television presenter George Clark told the BBC Radio 5 that when he heard what he thought was a car alarm, he lay in bed and saw light through the window.
"I was covered with volcanic ash, how bad it was.
I am 100 away, covered with ash.
"It was so heartbreaking, I saw someone flashing a torch on the top floor and they obviously couldn't go out.
"These guys are doing an incredible job trying to get people out of the building, but it's really bad," he said . ".
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