McLaren's failed Indy 500 effort was a comedy of errors - the best car alarm

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McLaren\'s failed Indy 500 effort was a comedy of errors  -  the best car alarm
The wrong comedy destined for McLaren's disastrous return to Indianapolis 500 began months after Fernando Alonso failed to qualify for the race.
A week before Alonso first tested in the car, the team realized how bad it was that it didn't even have the steering wheel.
McClaren CEO Zak Brown admitted on Monday that the team was unprepared and had some minor negligence in the final result.
Hours after Alonso's absence from the game, Bob fairnanli, head of the operation, was fired and Brown returned to England to digest the embarrassment of his adventure.
Brown on Monday provided The Associated Press with a detailed schedule of bloodshed and mistakes that led to Alonso's absence from the game, the last thing for both
The time f1 champion needs to win the racing version of the treble in his pursuit.
"I don't think we're going to be so arrogant, I don't think we're ready," Brown said . ".
"We shouldn't be in the game. it's our own fault.
We did not show up and did not do our best.
We beat ourselves.
"Miss the path of 33-
When the Texas highway was open for testing in April, the car was not ready and the driver field began.
Brown personally got a steering wheel from Cosworth last week for testing, and errors piled up from there.
"We didn't go out until noon and the steering wheel wasn't done on time, it was just a lack of preparation and project management organization skills," Brown said . ".
"In project management, this is where the whole thing fails.
Zak Brown should not look for the steering wheel everywhere.
"Last week at the Indiana track, a cosmetic problem in the Texas test was bothering McLaren.
McLaren bought a car from technical partner Carlin, and although McLaren was orange when it received it, it was not McLaren's "papaya orange ".
"After the test it has to be re-painted and it's still not done when Alonso hits his McLaren --
The car built last Wednesday
Carlin spare is in a paint shop 30 minutes from the track, and after McLaren complained about the color for more than a month, McLaren ended up spending almost two full days on the track.
The team looks stupid because other teams can move into the backup car in just a few hours;
James Hinchcliff crashed in Saturday's qualifying match and returned to the track in his spare time that afternoon.
Karin is two.
The McLaren league team, but Indy 500 expanded to three.
Brown said the team had little resources to give McLaren once Karin took on the extra work.
"Obviously they can't drive three cars and they can't serve us," he said . ".
Karin contestants Max Chilton and Patricio O'Ward are two other drivers who have failed to qualify.
McLaren's poor performance was one of the biggest failures in Indy 500's history.
Roger pensk missed the show with Al Unser Jr.
In 1995, a year after the victory of the game, Emerson Fiti Pardi.
Defending champion Bobby Rahar missed the game on 1993.
Time India Champion Roger Ward never stepped up to 1965 games.
The Indy 500 McLaren has a strong budget and every sponsorship opportunity is sold, and the joint venture guarantees McLaren's commercial success.
Brown is a bit like a hand.
Close and focus on the key reconstruction of the formula for the first part of the project.
He is now sorry to wait too long to get into Indy's 500 effort.
He also believes that he was too slow in the appointment of Gil de Ferran, the sports director for McClaren. Ferrand was the champion of Indy 500,
"I should have been closer to Indy, but I can never compromise," Brown said . ".
"At 9: 01 in the morning, when we were not on track in our first test, we were not eligible for Indianapolis 500.
We didn't fire the alarm fast enough because we could recover after the first Test.
"I am angry with myself because I have been uncomfortable until the first Test, and I should follow my instincts to get more involved.
"Brown has no control over many problems.
During Indy's test last month, there was an electrical problem with the car and an employee was taken away from the team by mistake.
Alonso encountered another electrical problem on the open day of 500 and the AC generator and wiring loom had to be replaced.
Alonso crashed the next day and McClaren missed the third day of rebuilding spare parts from Karin, which eventually became the right shade for Orange.
Friday's race showed that the car still needed speed, and Alonso entered qualifying on unstable grounds.
His first qualifying match was destroyed by a puncture.
Because Brown said the team purchased the incorrect tire sensor, it was not detected in advance.
Alonso ended one of six riders in Sunday's "last row of gunfights," and the panicked McLaren begged and borrowed any available
Alonso took part in the training on Sunday in a whole new way, but in the crazy conversion, the metric system used by the British team went wrong when converting inches, and the car was scraped and lit in his first lap.
It had to be fixed before the rain ended, and Alonso ran five more laps.
It's time for Alonso's last game.
Late Sunday afternoon, the Spaniard was given a car that Brown and defeilan feared might not perform.
"Jill and I went to the car house and told Fernando: 'We will try this, but it may go well and it may actually go wrong.
"Do you feel comfortable? " Brown said ? ".
"Fernando said," Let's get started.
Alonso agreed that he had never given up the challenge.
"We did an experiment last night.
"We changed everything on the car because we thought we might need something different from the mental level to come from believing in the race," Alonso said . ".
"We don't know what the car will do in the first round when we go out, but you are still flat. So we tried.
"The new setup and help from other teams did get the car up to speed, but Alonso was 23-year-
Kyle Kaiser, the veteran of the little Sergeant racing.
McLaren found that the gear ratio of the car was set incorrectly after qualifying.
"We actually have a 229 (mph)
But we have 227 cars.
So when we almost succeeded, we beat ourselves again. "Said Brown.
"We really put everything online and you can feel the anxiety.
There are some real heroism in this.
I don't want the world to think McLaren is a bunch of idiots because while we do have some, we have some real stars.
"Alonso rejected the offer of the team to buy Indy 500 seats for him.
The next step is to review carefully, and Brown predicted the future of McLaren in the Indy 500 and IndyCar series.
He wants to play two more games.
Time entry in the series, but not sure how much frustration this has.
He believes McLaren will have another chance in India next year.
"I have an obligation to the fans and sponsors and we let them down.
"We have not fulfilled our commitments and I think what they need is more than just an apology," Brown said . ".
"For those who don't deserve to work for a great team like McLaren, it will have an impact.
We'll look at what we 've learned here, and the list is a mile long.
I hope people can appreciate our efforts. we are drivers, Fernando is a star, we are not the outcast.
We want to come back. ”——
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