mobility scooters to be fitted with tracking technology to prevent users getting lost - best car alarm with gps tracking

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-13
mobility scooters to be fitted with tracking technology to prevent users getting lost  -  best car alarm with gps tracking
Researchers at the University of LeicesterDMU)
Lincoln University wants to create a vehicle-friendly device that uses mobile technology to provide their location to local authoritative care providers.
The plan aims to help older people and vulnerable groups leave their homes without fear of getting lost.
Prior to this, there were many accidents involving vehicles, including incidents where users did not intend to drive their motorcycles to the highway.
Dr. Eric goodie from the University of dermonford and Dr. Amr Ahmed from the University of Lincoln led the project, which will help the caregiver find the person in an emergency and then send them help.
Older people have been assisted with assisted living technology at home, and their systems range from simple pendant alerts to devices that monitor behavior, and can alert in case of falls or medical emergencies.
But Dr. Goodyer and Dr. Ahmed said that not only is it important that people feel safe in their own homes, but they also feel safe when they leave the house.
When people leave home, their devices will use mobile phone technology to help them, called Mobile Telecom.
"We don't want people's homes to become prisons," Dr. Goodell said.
We want to expand the house.
Mobile telecom devices based on telecom devices, so when older people walk out of the house and they can continue to live a normal life in the community, support is still available.
"In this project, we will develop an electronic device that can be installed neatly on a standard mobile scooter and monitor the location and health of the user.
"The device will connect to the remote care provider using mobile phone technology and use the tracker device to locate them.
"Once they get home, the device will connect the mobile scooter to the user's home telecom network using a dedicated radio connection.
"The digital age and the growing number of online services means more support to help older people maintain their lifestyle as independent as possible," Dr. Ahmed added . ".
"This support should include not only activities in the house, but also activities outside the house. ''Out-of-
Family activities are important because they help reduce social isolation and relative lack of self
When many elderly people are restricted to the boundaries of their homes, especially if they have lived a positive life before, they fall into this confidence.
"However, this is an area that has not received the same attention as those who help the family.
"We will explore the support technology provides for older people in common activities such as going out and shopping.
The project, titled "integration of mobile vehicles and devices with smart homes", is funded by a 40,000 higher education collaboration (HEI)
Network allocation for traffic innovation (iNet).
Transport is one of four networks established to encourage innovative stakeholders such as businesses, universities and individuals to carry out innovative activities.
John Frodsham, director of Transport, said: "This black Grant provides the university with the resources to collaborate-proving an innovative concept that does not exist yet.
"Thinking that by integrating some of the existing and new technologies, this work can open up the possibilities that East Midlands can take advantage of, it's exciting to potentially bring business opportunities in new applications, this will also bring about increasing social benefits.
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