my horn beeps when i put the key in the ignition - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-06
my horn beeps when i put the key in the ignition  -  the best car alarm
I have a 2007 Chevy Uplander and when I put the key in the ignition the horn beeps instead of the car starting. What is wrong? A.
Start with the test of the connection between the battery and the main battery.
The horn beeps due to the anti-theft system.
There is a process of resetting the system.
It starts with disconnecting the battery and keeping the cable together for 10 minutes to clear the computer.
Then you go through a series of keys
Turn on for 10 minutes, turn off for 10 seconds, repeat three times.
Then remove the key and use it to open the driver's door.
Both keys need to complete the process.
If you are not sure to do so, drag the car to the repair shop. Q.
I own a 2014 Nissan Altima and I notice some sounds when I drive from under the car.
When I mentioned it to the dealer, he asked if it sounded like a rumble.
I promised. He said it was normal.
The sound indicates that the car operates under the maximum fuel economy.
Have you heard of this before? A.
The interesting answer, perhaps, is correct, but Nissan barely takes this result into account when making a car.
When the car is in the most fuel-efficient mode, the engine will be slightly "lug" and produce a little vibration.
Now that the car is two years old and relaxed a little at the right pace, I can see that you might feel a little rumbling.
Having said that, I would like the dealer to check the car and re-check it if necessary
Torque of all brackets and brackets.
I will continue to get in touch with Nissan dealers to see if they have come up with an actual repair solution. Q.
Can I get some advice on selling cars?
My daughter had to move to New York in July to complete her graduate degree program and then not need her 2005 ac song TL.
Considering that she won't use it to buy a new car, can you recommend the best place to sell the car?
The car is in good condition and riding well. A.
A lot of people are lucky on Craig's List, but there are also a lot of horror stories.
The two companies I have contacted and are very professional are www. iseecars. com and www. cargurus. com.
Both companies have easy access to the website and it is easy to determine the fair selling price.
Buyers who overpay by check are very skeptical and then ask you to pay for the shipping company.
These are usually scams that use fake checks. Q.
I would like to buy a new 2016 Prius for my wife which has key safety features like car braking, blind spot detection, etc.
We are in our 70 s and we need all the help possible to protect the people around us.
Which of the cheapest Prius models would you recommend? A.
Depending on how you drive instead of buying Prius, leasing can make more financial sense.
It looks like you need to spend $28 to get the feature you want$30,000.
Over the years, Toyota has offered Prius some very competitive rental prices.
In this way, you can keep your monthly low payment while getting the security features you want. Q.
This week I put on a new tire and calibrated my Camry.
While driving on the highway, my car is now on the left.
I took it back to the store for repair and it still pulled to the left even though they tried to adjust it.
They mentioned some of the new Toyota Bolt packs they could try.
Before that, the car was driving very well.
What's going on? A.
This is an example of a typical tire concentricity, sometimes called a radial pull or camberism.
When the tire is made, it comes out of a slightly tapered mold that causes the car to pull.
A simple test is to switch the tire from one side to the other, and replace the tire if the car is pulled right now. Q.
I have a 2008 Ford f150 xl pickup truck with 4.
6L V8 engine and automatic transmission, 160,000 miles.
Over the past year, I have noticed that free time has become more and more unstable.
Behind the heat at a red light, it seems to stop.
However, the truck ran well in idle condition and traveled about 17 miles on the highway.
The truck didn't have the setup code, I drove 40 miles with the code scanner and there was no setup code.
Occasionally I get some gas tips as well, but that's the problem.
My mechanic is waiting to check the engine lights and the code that doesn't seem to come. Any ideas? A.
I'll start looking at a few places and raw gas is a clue.
Starting with the inspection of the purification valve, this may result in a gas odor and a rough idle.
Another area is a possible leak in the intake manifold.
The smoke machine is a good tool for finding this leak.
Finally, the idle air controller (IAC)
It affects idle time and will not set the code in most cases.
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