Nadine Machiskinic's family and supporters react to RCMP review - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-27
Nadine Machiskinic\'s family and supporters react to RCMP review  -  what is the best car alarm
Delores Stevenson said the recently released RCMP comments supported her comments on the Regina police station over the years (RPS)
Investigation into the sudden death of her niece
Stevenson said at a press conference in Regina YWCA on Monday: "I think this RCMP report just verified what I have been saying that investigators are not doing them well
Regina police chief Evan Bray defended the RPS investigation in a speech to the media on Monday morning.
Brey said that two months after Troy Hegan left office, he was appointed police chief in October 2016. In a 22-page report —
Bray says he's not going to release it to his family or the public-
RCMP censors said they "did not support Nadine Machiskinic's sudden death investigation to meet the criteria for a professional sudden death investigation.
. . . . . . Accountability mechanisms are also considered to be lacking and considered to be detrimental to the investigation.
The RPS survey is "reliable", says brei, and "The survey does not always give the answers everyone wants, including especially the family . ".
The RCMP found many mistakes in its review of the investigation --
Including: Mr. Bray said the questions were "not harmful to the findings ".
In a survey, "every step will guide you to the next step," said Bree.
Therefore, sometimes a delay on one side may take you in a different direction and you will take a different approach if the delay does not happen.
But in the end, we are confident in the results.
Despite other findings, the reviewers also noted the skills and dedication of RPS investigators, who demonstrated best practices in some respects.
Bray said he believes the review will "enhance" public trust in RPS, "take a critical look at the work we do and make improvements where we need it.
According to the results of the rc's internal operations review, which began in the fall of 2016, the rc is already working on 14 proposals from the RCMP.
Stevenson said she thanked Bray for meeting with her during the investigation, but did not believe that the investigation reflected the best work of the rps.
Machiskinic's death investigation, she said, "puts other investigations into question, how they handled it, how they were treated, how they were investigated, really.
I'm not going to whitewash anything because it's a very bad investigation.
On January, Machiskinic was discovered by the hotel staff.
Medical staff initially suspected a drug overdose of 2015.
After her death and autopsy in the hospital, the police received an alarm, but it has been about 60 hours.
During this period, the potential evidence, including Machiskinic's wallet and shoes, has disappeared, areas such as the laundry room have not been immediately protected, and some potential witnesses have not been protected, including two people who took the elevator with her, none of them were found.
"The police can keep their word and say they did their best, but they really did their best," Stevenson said . ".
"I mean, we have a high rate of missing and murdering Aboriginal women in Canada, and a lot of the situation goes back to information related to the investigation.
She said she thought the Machiskinic case had "a lot of similarities" with her son's case ".
"There can't be only one case.
. . . . . . We imagine that this was very common in 2015, probably before and in the years after 2015.
"She wants to hear that family members still have problems after the accidental death of their loved ones.
They can go through Facebook and pass "Race doesn't work in this regard," said Bree ".
"We never thought about it;
We have asked an independent review body in the province to look into this issue, which specializes in police misconduct (
Committee on Public complaints).
This is not the case, never before.
Michelle Stewart, a supporter of the Machiskinic family and associate professor of Judicial Studies at the University of Regina, called for independent civil oversight of the provincial police.
"The Nadine case will benefit from it;
The Haiwen case will benefit from it;
"There are still many questions that have not been answered," Stewart said . ".
"We could have raised some of these questions earlier.
Some questions about how case management happened;
Some questions about how stakeholders approach the family. d. ”
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