new audi q5 car – an overview - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-08
new audi q5 car – an overview  -  new car alarm system
Audi is the manufacturer of a series of cars in Germany.
Headquartered in Ingolstadt.
It produces a variety of cars from ultra-small to cross-border SUVs, selling a variety of body styles and price ranges under the Audi brand.
Audi is a high-end brand owned by Volkswagen Group.
At first glance, Audi Q5 is like a younger brother and sister of Q7.
Like the baby SUV in Audi Q. Series.
But it has its own features, such as its small size and the use of the latest technology in large quantities.
Audi Q5 is the first company to enter the field of compact SUV.
In 2008, Q5 was listed on the European market for the first time.
Audi Q5 is completely built in India (CBU)
Directly from Audi's Ingolstadt factory in Germany. Fuel economy 10. 9/15. 2 km/l (city/highway), 3. 0L TDI V69. 6/13. 7 km/l (city/highway), 2.
Engine 3 available for 0L FSI i4.
0 L Turbo TDI V6, 236 hp, Diesel.
0L turbocharged FSI I4, 208 BHP Billiton, PetrolAvailable transs7-
Speed S electronic transmission.
Highlights • Quattro allWheel Drive. Long wheelbase.
Spacious suitcase.
Three engine options.
Spacious interior.
High fuel efficiency.
No fresh look.
The shape is very similar to Audi q7.
Features • its front end is highlighted by a large grille and is respected by the four circles of the Audi logo.
Its sporty structure/body and curved glass windows with flat top rails remind us of the coupe with the same functionality.
Its presence is powerful and magnetic, and it is also a great head turner to appreciate and inspiring look.
It has a longer wheelbase and better stability. Their well-designed interior is the general feature of all Audi cars, and it is easy to catch the eye of the audience.
They use the best quality materials when making a car, giving a very luxurious feeling.
The car is on Highway 17.
Which is good alloy wheel hub-
Carved, the position of the hat is slightly higher;
The auto show showed a positive appeal.
It is loaded with the latest gadgets and gadgets such as automatic climate control systems and high quality audio systems.
It's also equipped like 6-
Airbag system, Quattro permanent full-
Wheel Drive, tire pressure monitoring and prevention
Anti-theft alarm system
The power system and performance Audi Q5 have two models: gasoline and diesel.
The gasoline engine is equipped with 208 horsepower 2. 0-
4-liter turbocylinder.
The diesel engine is equipped with 236 horsepower 3. 0-litre V6.
They're all with a 7-
Speed S electronic transmission.
Audi Q5 also offers an Audi drive select system.
This work makes driving easier for the driver as it can change the suspension settings and dynamic steering response with the help of simple buttons.
It also features a feature that can adjust the drive settings between comfort, auto and dynamic levels.
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