new car alarms call home, track thieves - genius car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-09
new car alarms call home, track thieves  -  genius car alarm
Ephraim Schwartz (IDG)--
With the reverse of next month
The theft device will call home and use GPS technology to track stolen cars, and the eternal struggle between car thieves and police will present a new dimension. After-
The market car alarm system of manufacturers including Clarion, Omega and Audiovox will be available on February, including-
Anti-theft alarm system, which can be set to call any phone number, send a page or send an alarm to any handheld device when an alarm rings.
Included in a system designed by San Francisco
Based on Televoke, it will be a global positioning chip that can transfer the location of the vehicle on the map to the owner's desktop computer, or use textto-
Voice technology updates the owner's location by phone.
The system is expected to start at around $595, including first-year service. Re-
According to Rick Bentley, founder and CEO of Televoke, users of the service pay less than $10 a month.
Televoke will run the service in hosting centers across the country.
But, although
Theft of equipment may prevent amateur car thieves from stealing cars for a ride, and professionals on the right side of the law doubt whether this will prevent anti-party professionals.
"It depends on the trigger device, but when all the other devices fail, smart thieves are using the trailer," said John Lawler, a former lieutenant at Boston Police Station, it is now a technical consultant for the National Public Radio program "Car Talk.
Lawler is also a consultant to the film's screenwriter, Scott Rosenberg, who talks about the car theft business, which opens in 60 seconds, and says there is a lot of money in terms of parts.
"The sum of the parts is greater than the whole," said Lawler . ".
Estimates vary, but some experts say parts of a $30,000 car could be worth as much as $80,000.
"You don't even have to steal that car;
"The market for airbag modules is very large," said Lawler . ".
In terms of overcoming electronic GPS (
Global Positioning System
The thief is likely to use tin foil to destroy the antenna, Lawler said.
Lawler said the new system may reduce the number of children driving, but today's car theft is more about making a lot of money.
"Things used to be bad in Massachusetts, the kids were driving around, but now everyone is a professional," he said . ". Another long-
Time car consultant, matthior PPR, Sarasota, Florida. -
The consulting company agreed.
"In the past days, guys [
"Used to steal cars, take them to a center and sell them," Schorr said . ".
"Now, it's a network of businesses, some selling parts, and others taking care of shipping.
"GM also includes an-
The theft service of OnStarenabled cars.
But it needs to use a mobile phone, which makes the service more expensive, according to Rob Enderle, a senior analyst at the San Jose Giga Information Group.
"It's a bit more to buy a phone for your car," said Endler . ".
"Televoke uses the core components of the phone to reduce costs.
"In fact, the CEO of Televoke said that the cellular control channel network was actually used.
"That's why you turn on the roaming lights or make a phone call," Bentley said . ".
"We 've never had a full voice channel on, so we can pay less than full access.
We have 50 bags.
"Reducing the joyriders may be a good reason to install the system,
Theft devices can also be used to alert parents if their child is driving faster than scheduled or leaves a specific geographic area.
Bentley also plans to surpass the car with this technology.
"I'm waiting for Moore's law to catch up with the GPS cellular combo and make the device smaller," Bentley said . ".
"Make them small enough to track pets and children ---
This is where I am very excited.
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