new digital amber alerts could create a backlash - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-06
new digital amber alerts could create a backlash  -  the best car alarm
I just closed the book a few nights ago and turned off the lights and was drifting to sleep when my phone started screaming.
I woke up and fumbled for the phone. My sleep-
This message sends a greeting to the confused brain: "The Amber Alert update on Boulevard, California.
"Then there is a license plate number and the brand and model of the car.
I search this town.
Boulevard in California—
Found it 541 miles from my home.
This is far more than the distance between Washington, D. C. C. , and Detroit.
I'm confused.
Why would I buy this?
I'm not the only California person who's confused.
Jamie de Guerre is at Topsy, a company that analyzes Twitter traffic and content for businesses.
"We saw a surge in the number of people posting the word" amber alert "on twitter and responding to seeing this on their phones," he said . ".
Before the alarm, the sentence received some mention on Twitter, but in the hours after the alarm was issued in California, it was mentioned in more than 160,000 tweets.
"The mood for the whole tweet is definitely negative," De Guerre said . ".
More than 21,000 tweets use the words "amber alert" and "fear.
The word "OMFG" appeared more than once, and the word "annoying" appeared more than 1,700 times.
"The last thing wireless providers want to do is annoy their users," said Brian Joseph, who handles government affairs for the Washington wireless industry lobby association, CTIA.
"What we don't want to see is the car alarm syndrome where people ignore the alarm or, worse, they opt out.
"Now, an official from the National Centre for exploited and missing children is asking the Federal Communications Commission, the Wireless Society and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to consider changing the Wireless Emergency Alert System, allow Amber Alerts to include links to more information.
"Do I think the link is valuable?
Yes, I do think a link is valuable, "said Robert Hofer of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
"We are working on this with the FCC, FEMA and wireless industries. . . .
Now, at this point, we request permission to do so.
"The United States has launched a wireless emergency alarm system for mobile phones. S.
At the beginning of the year.
The amber alert about the kidnapped child is only part of it.
There are similar warnings for dangerous weather and even national emergencies.
If you grow up after 1980 or 90, this may look familiar.
Testing of emergency broadcasting systems is everywhere.
They become jokes and metaphors about the end of the world in movies.
Now, the same beep is made on your phone.
"People are aware of this on their radio and television.
They don't know, they're not used to putting it on their phones, "Hofer said.
"In the case of an Amber Alert, this is a kidnapped child in serious danger and we hope the public can help us find that child.
"This alert will not be triggered by most missing children.
The child must be in serious danger.
There must be enough information about the suspect, the car or where they are going so that the alarm will help.
The alert is targeted, Hoever said.
So earlier this week, Northern California received an alert about the kidnapping in San Diego as suspects believed to be heading to Oregon for two murders.
Now, it seems that he passed my house and had a 100-mile kidnapping-year-old girl.
"This is a very powerful tool," Hoever said . "
"Last year there were 164 amber alerts for 204 children.
Five of these cases are still under trial.
But Hoever is concerned that sending these Amber Alerts to millions of phones with little background could cause a backlash.
Now, the alarm is sent at a dedicated frequency used only in case of emergency.
The message is limited to 90 characters.
Links are not allowed, phone numbers are not allowed, and pictures are not allowed.
This is a very difficult user interface to like.
But by changing the notification settings on your phone, it's easy to turn this system off.
He wants most Americans not to do so.
But he was worried.
"When a child is kidnapped, it's like a needle in a haystack," Hoever said . ".
"The more we look outside for the child's eyes and ears, the smaller the hay pile, and the greater our chances of saving the child safely.
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