new for the uneasy driver: a personal security vehicle - new car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-13
new for the uneasy driver: a personal security vehicle  -  new car alarm system
Since Harry S, they have built armored luxury cars for every president. Truman.
Queen Elizabeth II and 30 heads of state, 37 foreign ministers, 87 ambassadors, 300 diplomats and 63 corporate executives around the world have one.
Now, the world's largest manufacturer of safe vehicles wants everyone to be the king of roads, so they are building roads for ordinary people.
It may not be very common, though.
In addition to the price of cars, turning Buick into a veritable civilian tank will cost as much as $15,000.
It could cost a million dollars, considering the bullet.
The King and Queen can get up to $1 million in proof protection.
But the armor companies of Hess and Eisenhart
Cincinnati, which produced 90% armored vehicles on the road today, insists that some people will pay any price or bear any burden for safety, especially if there is, a jewelry salesman or international banker who is afraid of terrorist attacks.
As a result, personal safety cars have recently been created.
It doesn't have armor and it doesn't provide the kind of protection that the president takes for granted, but it even avoids the most mischievous neighborhood horrors.
It's actually an invasion.
"It's actually an invasion-
Thomas Burke, vice president of domestic sales at Hess & Eisenhardt, boasted that he unveiled at the recent Los Angeles exhibition one of the 250 PSV units they planned to build this year.
I have found windows 85 times a month-
The ounce ball peen hammer, then hit another 16 times with a sledgehammer, and then count the number of times with a baseball bat.
Then I was tired.
"Eventually, the outer layer is broken or sunken.
But this is indeed evidence of the invasion . "
Windows of OmniGard, or "armor" Sifan & Eisenhardt like to call them and can also be borne by small
Caliber pistol or shotgun-
This is a blank range, Burke said.
In addition, these windows are easy to weather in Alaska winter or summer in the mohawai desert, built in-
Resistance from minus 25 to more than 135 in the temperature range. Remote-
Control alarm PSV is also equipped with remote control
A control alarm system that can be triggered by just tapping the glass.
Once started, the alarm mechanism will disable the launcher and lock all doors automatically. If the would-
When the thief tried to enter, the alarm sounded, the flashing emergency light came on, and the car horn began to blow.
Then there are door handles that need to be opened with both hands--
One for the handle and the other for pressing a small hidden button.
Burke explained that in this way, people who are not familiar with the system or who hold a gun in one hand will not be able to open the door.
Walkie-talkie equipment allows people to ask for directions without shaking the window.
Tire flat or battery power?
No problem, Burke said.
PSV can travel 10 miles on four tires and the car comes with two batteries.
If the battery is dead, just press the button under the dashboard and it will summon the spare battery.
"You see, suppose your wife bought a puncture outside a factory in East Los Angeles.
"Well, she can drive out of there," Burke said . ".
"So is the second battery.
You can't run out of battery.
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