new ollerton earthquakes 'like living above a monster' - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-03
new ollerton earthquakes \'like living above a monster\'  -  car alarm
A town that has experienced a series of earthquakes will investigate further after a resident describes it as living on top of a "monster.
The new Orleton in Nottingham County is the "most earthquake-active" area of the British Islands, probably because of mining, according to economists.
It sounds like "something is trying to get through," James Lawson said ".
The British Geological Survey (BGS)
They said they planned to install more instruments to study the earthquake.
Mr. Lawson, who lives in New Ollerton, said: "It's a bit surreal, and my son compares it to a monster under the house, because it sounds like something is trying to get through.
"There is an all-around boom, followed by an extrabooms.
Sometimes a car alarm may sound in the garage.
The pot in the kitchen may fall from the side.
"It was a little scary at first and you were worried about your house and property, but we have learned to live with it.
This is more of a curiosity than a nuisance.
David Galloway, a seismological scientist from BGS, said: "where he [is], the seismic waves may be particularly strongMr Lawson]is.
Our nearest earthquake is about 45 km. 27. 9 miles)
So there was a mistake in our position.
Mr. Galloway added that a BGS team had discussed the deployment of temporary instruments in the mine at the nearby sorebi coal mine. He said: [This is to]
Better handle the actual location of these events.
"When you cover the earthquake records, they all come from the same source.
BGS said it recorded 41 earthquakes around the British Isles in the past 50 days, most of them in Nottingham county.
The British coal company says people should not worry about the mining of the Solsby coal mine.
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