new zealand wildlife: kiwis and penguins and stingrays, oh my - good car alarms

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new zealand wildlife: kiwis and penguins and stingrays, oh my  -  good car alarms
In a hunt in Africa, the Big Five refers to large, bulky, potentially deadly animals: lions and rhinos.
New Zealand not this.
Here, the five birds are significantly smaller: mainly birds, which are definitely not birds.
Deadly, very cute.
This includes a wling national icon (
Kiwi at night and sleeping forever);
A little dinosaur (
A lizard-tutara
Like reptiles, it provides a direct connection to the rare prehistoric times);
As I was told, a naughty parrot with a hook mouth and a keen sense of humor, "the second intelligent parrot in the world "(
Kea, as close to a scammer as you will find in New Zealand).
During this time there, I had several nature tours and hikes, both easy to manage and all had their own charm.
I like it best.
Just in Willowbank nature reserve north of Christchurch, you can see all the top five attractions (
Kiwi, kea, kaka, takahe, tuatara)
In the afternoon walk
I do recommend a tour guide, though.
How else would I know kea is the second intelligent parrot in the world. Willowbank's New Zealand Conservation Trust also runs a very successful Kiwi incubator, breeding, and sending vulnerable young birds back to the wild.
They even allow you to quietly pass through the dark habitat and watch New Zealanders move around, almost blind, with their beaks, like canes, the degraded wings hidden in a feather-like body.
Cultural bonus: Willobank is also home to Ko Taane, the island's only Maori cultural show and traditional hangi feast. (
Most of New Zealand's Maori settled on the warm North Island. )
The evening features a rotating dance of pompom-
Like poi and skin that's been popular all the time
Haka war dance. (
More accurately, challenge the dance. )
It ends in a complete
The scale of the pit cooking feast. Food.
Lots of food.
Of course, the problem with hangi is that you are hungry again two or three days later.
The elegant town of ormalu, with Victorian architecture and steampunk atmosphere, is also-incongruously —a bedding-
New Zealand's little blue penguin is the smallest penguin in the world. Strangely, none of the five penguins.
They go ashore every night in the dark, grind on the rocks, and rush through their nesting sites, eating fish all day at sea.
Because penguins can't see orange (
There is no need to be in the green and blue of the ocean)
Set up a stand for the audience to illuminate the night parade with a soft orange spotlight.
Convenient tip: stick to the end.
It will take about an hour for them all to go ashore, after which you can hear the Penguins chirping and chirping as they catch the day.
Incredibly cute.
Orokui Wildlife Sanctuary orokui is a majestic forest area above Dunedin
In the sanctuary introducing varmints
Weasels, rats, sto rats and cats
They are kept in the bay to protect endangered animals.
This is part of the overall national plan to make New Zealand a predator. free by 2050.
At Orokonui, the various difficult hiking routes meander through temperate forests and open highlands, including a tree that takes you to New Zealand's highest, a towering 81-metre-High eucalyptus.
Like Willowbank, I really recommend a guided walk at least for a while: the woman who took us around was awesome, she points to a bird that can't fly, a plant that has long been considered extinct.
Edible, edible: lemon wood, Pepper Tree and honey-
Production of Manuka
ZEALANDIA, New Zealand's trendy, free capital, zealtwellington, is one of the few urban areas in the world where biodiversity is actually increasing, thanks largely to the presence of another fence --
In the sanctuary: Zealandia.
Here, the melody and the voice of hypnosis tui are placed safely.
The Bird with such a rich repertoire can "perform duets alone ". ” (
Birds in these cities have also learned to imitate car alarms and beeps. beep-
The beep of the truck reversing. )
Zealandia is also home to attractive specimens such as leaves
Plug and mud-
Our guide loved the eel very much.
She was almost dizzy every time we crossed the stream.
Zealandia has not less than four of the "five big", all of which are in the wild.
They also offer a unique night hike to discover the historynocturnal kiwi.
We 've seen a few, though to be honest, it's more of a "Kiwi tramp" tour;
When they walk away wobbly from us, we usually find them.
As a Canadian, the weirdest feeling when hiking through the forest at night is to remind yourself that there is absolutely no one in New Zealand who wants to kill you or eat you.
No bear, wolf, snake, Puma.
However, with every break of my spinning branches, the guide grinned.
She can always see North Americans during her trip.
Extra trek: stronger back
The bouncy journey, the onshore "seal hunt" also sets out from Wellington, taking you to climb over the Highlands, and then down to the rugged coast, the plump fur seals lazily content
Is there anything more satisfying in the world than the seal sun? Napgannet is. Napier's elegant Art Deco city is the gateway to the rugged promontory of the captor point, named after the wrong conflict between Captain Cook and the local Maori, who would think it was more of a "rescue ", not kidnapping. (
Assuming Cook was a Maori and was held against his will, the Maori took a Polybian cabin boy from Cook. )
Captors in Cape Town are home to the world's largest and most accessible mainland colony of gannets.
Trek along the cliffs above the canyon and Sharks on land 4WD
What the tooth islands bring to you is the ongoing discord that is gannet society.
The period of thinking about problems in the house is thousands of times.
Just a few meters away from you, scream, dress up, walk high and float your wings.
When we walked over, our driver
The guide said, "Who do we have today, and I see Gladys here, and David, Marion and Morris here, too.
Alan and Cathy.
Oh, Graham is home today.
"Additional wildlife: Napier is home to the National Aquarium of New Zealand, which features a walk
Tanks through sharks and Stingray, and-yes!
More New Zealanders, walking around in the darklit habitat.
The aquarium also held a rescue Penguin band including the "penguin of the Month" award: "Nice "(
Good behavior)and “Naughty” (
For bad behavior, such as pushing or biting).
When I used to, Lulu was on the naughty list.
Off the coast of Napier, where wild stingray fish feed is the city of Gisborne, where the sun rises for the first time in the world.
In the north of Gisborne, I had one of the most strange things.
Wearing a wading boat, we followed our guide to the shallow water area to feed the wild stingray.
Who knows that Stingray is so interesting and so affectionate, so it may have something to do with the big fish in our hands, but still.
When we stroked them, they pushed, nu gave it a shot, and then they sucked the fish out of our palms.
The stingray fish moves like liquid mushrooms and is more beautiful than I thought.
The tour guide also gave them a name, including the name they gave the pancake, because she kept turning around and getting stuck upside down.
"Not our smartest Stingray," as the guide said . ".
Only one person wants to know what their name is for us. More information: Willobank Wildlife Sanctuary/New Zealand conservation trust: Taane Maori cultural show: Ecosanctuary: Feeding: www. divetatapouri.
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