news and notes - car power window

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news and notes  -  car power window
News character Dr. Shanthi Ameratunga was appointed director of the Injury Prevention Research Center at the University of Auckland, effective December 1, 2005.
After 15 years at the helm, Professor John Lanley decided that it was time to resign as director of the Department of Injury Prevention and Research at the University of Otago, New Zealand.
John intends to continue his research on injury, but this may be part-time from July 2007.
Information about the position of director can be found at www. otago. ac. nz/vacancies/. oas_tag. loadAd("Middle1");
Since President Bush signed a Traffic Bill on August, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Will collect nonTraffic and nonCrash tragedy
This means that children who are knocked down in the driveway, suffocated in the trunk, or trapped in the power window become official statistics, which may help to repair dangerous equipment or manufacturing methods.
In addition, NHTSA will look for ways to reduce accidents that cause hundreds of children to die or be injured each year, not to mention all inlethal run-ins.
Finally, by 2007, all vehicles must have electric window switches that can only be pulled out or pulled out, which reduces the risk of a child tilting out of the window and accidentally pressing or switching the switch, squeeze his or her head, neck, or limbs.
The National Safety Committee of the children's Automobile Safety Council, with the support of Opel Ireland, produced the DVD "children's safety in cars".
The DVD is designed to help parents choose the right child restraint for children aged 0 to 14 years old, and with the help of experts, how to safely put it into the car.
50 000 DVDs are being produced and distributed to maternity hospitals for use by mothersto-
Become a distributor of demonstrations, general practitioner surgery, public health clinics, nurseries and Opel.
Also available from the National Security Council (info{at}nsc. ie).
Launch of the pot-
The Canadian injury prevention strategy launched the Canadian national injury prevention strategy and a report in October 2005 to end the invisible epidemic in Canada: a strategy to reduce and control injuries.
Both documents are available at www.
Injury prevention strategy. ca.
Over the past 24 months, hundreds of injury prevention stakeholders in Canada have been consulted and have been involved in the development of a workable pan
Canadian strategy for injury prevention.
Political policymakers will now take the lead in pushing Canada to the forefront of harm prevention.
Queensland Fire and Rescue Services (QFRS)
Safehome, an upgraded home security program, has been launched.
This free service has been enhanced to provide important information on fire and home safety for Queensland 1.
3 million housing units are supported through a new partnership between qfr and insurance provider NRMA Insurance.
Qfr expands the scope of security information provided as part of a secure home visit and will continue to be provided to Queensland families free of charge.
The product not only focuses on fire safety information, but also addresses the concerns of householders about falls, poisoning, Burns and Burns, excessive Lane, pool safety and insurance.
The accident and injury Action website is an initiative of the accident and injury working group (WP-AI)
To support public health activities aimed at reducing all accidents and injuries in the European Union.
The site is aimed at a wide range of interested parties, from injury prevention experts to stakeholders, from politicians to European citizens.
The incident and injury action was supported by the European Commission DG Health and Consumer Protection. Visit www.
Action damageorg.
A commemorative stamp issued on September by the United States Postal Service to promote the safety of children's passengers emphasizes children's health, including suggestions on the safety of children's passengers.
For more information, please visit.
On August, the minister of the Accident Compensation Commission issued the New Zealand drowning strategy, which was called a "milestone ".
An average of 130 people drowned in New Zealand each year.
This has had a huge impact on the society and economy of the country.
The highest drowning rate among young people in New Zealand (ages 1–14)
Compared with other OECD countries
According to a recent report issued by the children's youth and mortality review committee (CYMRC)
The highest drowning rate was in the 1-4 age group, 6 years old. 9 per 100 000.
Many New Zealanders were killed in swimming pools, bathtubs and buckets.
More information about drowning and the latest statistics are available at: www. watersafety. org. nz.
The latest report of CYMRC can be downloaded from www. newhealth. govt.
Document/water safety report. pdf.
According to the new statistics, the number of deaths on Swiss roads has decreased due to the new drunk driving law, and the new drunk driving law has a real impact on road safety.
The Swiss accident prevention agency said that in the first half of 2005, the number of road deaths in the country fell by 22% compared with the same period in 2004.
To explain this improvement, experts noted that recent changes have taken place in the law, reducing the legal blood alcohol limit for driving from 0.
8 parts per 1000 to 0. 5.
New restrictions began in January 1, 2005.
Although 30 people died in alcohol-related traffic accidents in Switzerland this year, it fell by 42% compared with the same period last year.
American Airlines do not need child safety seats Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation (FAA)
On August, it was announced that it would not force the use of child safety seats on aircraft due to increased family safety risks.
The agency says its analysis shows that families may choose to drive if they are forced to purchase additional tickets, a statistically more dangerous way to travel.
NHTSA released a new 219-page legal study on bicycle helmets in September.
The study was done by independent researcher Carol Strobel.
She surveyed six communities that passed various helmet laws, including one that was later abolished.
The study analyzed the findings of 20 pages entitled "analysis, providing a great deal of detail if you need it.
Some of the topics that come up are: the main stakeholders who enact the law are usually emergency medical professionals, pediatricians and alliances focused on child safety, injury prevention, cycling and safety.
On this issue, the bicycle community sometimes splits and law enforcement may "make", although it is often not deeply involved"or-break" role.
Often, citations issued under these laws are rare and are not a priority for law enforcement agencies.
Although laws may be rarely enforced, they are seen as valuable levers (
Especially parents)
Increase the use of bicycle helmets.
The evolving role of the bike and bike community in the changing traffic mix will impact the strategies, issues and components involved in future bike safety efforts.
In order to improve the effectiveness of the law, studies have shown that law must be given priority in law enforcement;
If the law is not enforced, it will lose its effectiveness; on-
Efforts need to be made in education and awareness, similar to efforts to support the law on seat belts;
Supporters should publicize the necessity of the law to the news media;
The public needs to be better educated on harm physics;
People who implement the law must "constantly pass on information about the use of bicycle helmets and the law ".
The study report can be accessed through the concussion prevention tool of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
A new multimedia education kit has been launched to protect young athletes from serious but often underestimated health threats --concussion.
Concussion is a type of brain injury (TBI)
Because the head is hit or shaken slightly to severe, it can disrupt the way the brain works properly.
There are more than 300 TBIs related to sports and entertainment in the United States every year.
The initiative, called "head up: concussion in high school sports", includes information on preventing concussion and identifying symptoms, as well as measures taken immediately when athletes show signs of concussion.
For more information on the kit, visit law makers in Arkansas, Nevada, North Dakota, and Texas to limit car crash data laws to limit information collected by who can use the event data recorder (EDRs)
It records the speed of the car in the accident and the reaction of the seat belt, brake and airbag.
The new law is intended to protect the owner's privacy by requiring the owner's permission or a court order to issue EDR data to law enforcement or insurance companies.
Law makers across the United States are increasingly worried about the abuse of EDR data.
At present, 15% of cars on American roads have installed these devices, and as many as 90% of models installed them in 2004.
Contributors to these News and notes include Ian Scott, Joseph corara, David Walsh, Mariana Brussels Sony and Barry Price.
Michael Hayes edited the manuscript.
Projects for future issues, including calendar entries, should be sent to Michael Hayes of the children's Accident Prevention Trust Fund, 22-26, Farringdon Lane, London, UK; fax +44 (0)20 7608 3674; email mike. hayes{at}capt. org.
Go to England as soon as possible.
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