nightmare in your driveway? halloween is fright night for auto thefts - the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-07
nightmare in your driveway? halloween is fright night for auto thefts  -  the best car alarm
Halloween could be all tricks for car owners, without any gifts, and their vehicle was very easy to steal on the last day of October.
In fact, Halloween ranked second after the new year, the biggest day of car theft, vacation
Wise, on the American calendar. S.
According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, nearly 2,000 people reported car theft in 2013. why Halloween?
Distraction is the main reason.
Holiday Revelers often drive away while playing tricks. or-
Treat at a Halloween party, park in unattended places, or leave your car at home or at work while attending a holiday event --
All of these are public invitations for car thieves.
Combine these factors with Halloween on Saturday, 2015, with more parties and chances of being late --or-
If the owner is not careful, they may be stolen.
Zeheria Brown, who has worked in insurance for more than ten years in the Miami area--
Including two recent work on fraud management and comprehensive theft management ---
Said the driver was too relaxed during the holiday.
"The increase in theft before and after Halloween can lead to prank behavior," she said . ".
"This, coupled with people letting their guards down, led to disastrous results.
I 've seen many examples of people accidentally leaving their keys in the car, assuming they're in a safe neighborhood and things like stealing don't happen.
There are theft gangs targeting residential areas, Brown said, "These thieves will, as usual, look especially for those who are at parties or are not paying attention, she said.
To protect your vehicle on Halloween night, be vigilant and extra careful before you wear Donald Trump's costume and enter the night.
"Don't forget your valuables," suggested Pat Clancy, vice president of law enforcement at LoJack, a car safety company.
"Even if you're just traveling around, don't leave valuable assets in the car.
"And remember your key forever.
"If you really decide to venture out on Halloween, don't leave the key or key chain in the car, and don't let the car go," Clancy said . ".
In order not to let the thief close, also make noiselots of noise.
"The easiest way to protect your car is through a combination of alarm and recovery equipment," Clancy added . ".
"Anything that makes noise can help repel thieves. " Another tip -
Make sure your vehicle is parked in a well-lit, densely populated area.
Clancy points out that thieves are more inclined to target dark, unattended areas of theft.
Another good move?
"Park your car in a garage with a security lock whenever possible --
"As an extra bonus, this will also make your paint and interior look like new," AutoPartsWarehouse said in a recent tip . ".
"If you park on the street at night, try to park under the street light.
The company said it would be "brighter" as well ".
"If the car alarm is activated, on most vehicles that mean the lighting is also activated, the brighter the lights are, the better," AutoPartsWarehouse said . ".
"The headlights, taillights and mirrors of most modern cars are built in with peripheral lighting to improve safety and visibility.
Make sure all lights work properly if they are cloudy, cracked or flat --
I went out today.
"The most important thing is to know that car thieves go out and walk around on Halloween and are aggressive about catching your wheels.
It's a terrible idea, but on the most horrible day of the calendar, you can take some good steps to be a victim of car crime.
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