nissan's supercar still a rare sight - car alarms for sale

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-07
nissan\'s supercar still a rare sight  -  car alarms for sale
Nissan GT-July-
Super sports cars began sales in the third year in the United States.
But many Americans still don't see one on the road.
Reason: The number of smooth twins is limitedTurbo GT
Rs available for sale.
Only about 3,600 pieces of goods were delivered to the United States from Japanese factories. S.
Customers since the beginning of sales in July 2008.
Even if Nissan does not increase shipments, it is raising prices and continuing to upgrade its most unique models. The 2010 GT-
For example, R has five more horsepower than the original 2009 model, with a total of 485.
This is a V-6, not a V-8.
This 2010 Coupe also has a modified car --
Programming like suspension, new wheels, improved brakes, standard curtain airbags and new control modulesspeed, dual-
Clutch automatic transmission.
The retail price recommended by the starting manufacturer (including destination fee) is $81,790 and the base price is 2010 GT-R.
That's up from $77,840 for the 2009 GT-R.
Nissan has announced a starting price of 2011 GT-
R will be higher--
$85,060 including destination fees.
Not like some other high
Performance car, all-wheel drive GT-
R no federal gas tax is required.
In urban driving, the federal fuel economy class is 16 miles per gallon, 21 miles on the highway, Sports GT-
There are two small seats behind R, with mileage comparable to some sports utility vehicles, including V-6.
Although it's hard to describe $80,000
Also, as a bargain, GT-
Compared with some competitors, the starting price of R is lower.
For example, the Audi 2010 R8 Coupe, 420 hp, full
Four wheel drive, starting at $117,500, while the 2010 month Porsche 911 Carrera sports car, 345 hp and full
Wheel drive, starting at $85,050.
Successor to Nissan Skyline GT
R performance car that has never been sold in the United States, current GT-R --
No skyline in the name-
Maintain a strong driving experience.
Even after a hard day at the office, I couldn't help but sit excited at GT-R.
When the car went to the exit of the concrete parking garage, the engine made a deep and wonderful sound, and the second transmission started the car alarm of the four cars.
I have never done this before.
Once in the streets and clear places, GT-
R please hurry up, I changed my usual practice
Increased family routes in some highway times.
3 such details are given. 8-
Double Top Cam, double top Camturbo V-6, it's hand-
Assembled in a "clean room", just like those rooms for computer chips.
Paired with special transmission, GT-
R power plant is persistent in power supply.
There is more, more power to push me back to my seat on the straight path.
The torque peak is 434 feet-
At a speed of 3,200 rpm, the new programming in the transmission control electronics seems to improve the jitter of the low gear I noticed in the 2009 car.
Of course, sitting on the sidewalk of GT
R, I can't see much except the bumper of the van, pickup and off-road vehicle.
I pay close attention to the speedometer.
But all I need is the open traffic and the GT-
R participated directly in the competition
The accuracy and power of the car, where I turned.
In a few seconds, GT-
R comfortably took up the space and responded to my retreat on the throttle, so the car quickly stabilized with traffic.
I would like to know if the "awe" factor of this performance car is weakening as it is very --
The first show came two years ago. But the GT-
Although Nissan thinks it is suitable to tame its launch control function, it can be set up to 2009 GT-
R soared from static to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds.
Question: Some GT-
The R owner damaged the transmission while using the launch control and Nissan began to claim warranty.
So 2010 GT-
R, even if the horsepower is bigger, it takes a second per hour from 0 to 60 miles.
However, the interior is noisy because the sound of the road is easy from 20-inch, low-
Performance tires.
In this car, I had to talk loudly than on most other vehicles to have a conversation, and the sound of the tires rolling on the expansion cracks on the concrete road was getting louder and louder.
The ride is also quite stiff, and even with the revised suspension tuning and suspension set up in "comfortable" mode, passengers can easily feel the vibration and road bumps.
The rear seats are crowded with only 26 seats.
4 inch leg space, cargo space is a sports carlike 8. 8 cubic feet. Brakes have 15-
Inch brebo rotor and stop 3,800pound GT-R fast. The GT-
R has a low body
Hang in front, but it doesn't scratch at the entrance to the driveway like any other sports car.
I 'd like to have a backup camera though, because it's hard to see what's behind the GT
R's high cargo hatch cover when I reverse the car.
When parallel, the driver becomes nervousparking the GT-R.
Don't want to catch cold-
I looked at the wheels on the side of the road and didn't get the car sticking out in the traffic, and it took me time to adjust the parking space carefully.
No, I don't want the valet to touch the car.
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