nissan x-trail st-l review: how the facelifted model rates against newer competition - power window system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-18
nissan x-trail st-l review: how the facelifted model rates against newer competition  -  power window system
The Nissan X-
The Trail did a facelift, but are these changes enough?
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Source: supply Nissan X-
Trail has just had a facelift and there is a discount on the base model, but what does the next model look like?
Nissan X-
The Trail ST base model currently costs $28,990. away with a 5-
Annual/100,000 km warranty and premium roadside assistance make it one of the bargains in the mid market
SUV segment market.
Unfortunately, Nissan is not in X-Trail line-
Up, still listed online at full price.
At least they got five.
One year warranty and premium roadside insurance by the end of August.
Next model-
The one we're testing. is the X-Trail ST-L.
Nissan's website says it costs $40,700.
At least $11,000 more.
Price gap between ST and ST
At the normal retail price, it's only about $6400, so according to our math,
I should be able to drive at $34,300-
Or nearby.
If you want a ST-, be sure to negotiate the priceL.
In addition to the basic ST, Nissan has not yet made it clear how low the models that dealers can buy
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Source: However, according to the dealer, Nissan's special bonus is at ST-L.
They say a fair target price will be between $36,000 or $37,000
Depending on the color and age of the car.
After a recent facelift, standard equipment on ST
L now includes the button to start, leather seat (
Heating in front)
, Digital speed display, rear privacy glass, double zone air-
Air conditioning 360-
Built-in degree camera
In navigation and digital broadcasting, there is still no Apple Car Play or Android Auto.
Whichever comes first, the service interval is 10,000 km or 12 months.
We calculate the cost of an annual average travel distance of 15,000 km kilometers nationwide.
Compared with most competitors, the first four regular services totaled $1264, and the cost of each visit was between $232 and $461.
Warranty will be restored to three years/100,000 km after the promotion expires on August.
Hope that Nissan can join the ranks of more and more car manufacturers, permanent turn to fiveyear coverage. The Nissan X-
The interior of the Trail was nice, but the outdated infotainment system let it down.
Picture: supply.
Source: supplier X-
The size of the Trail is very large, not too big or too small.
From the Korean brand and sports tablet, the quality of the materials has improved
The leather steering wheel at the bottom is a good touch.
There are plenty of parts storage and plenty of charging ports.
There is a vent in the rear seat, but there is no power point.
Only the driver got one-touch auto-
There is no power tailgate for this model of power window.
Big boots, two.
Layered floor with a space
Spare tire.
Safety automatic emergency braking is now the standard on X-
In addition to the six airbags, blind access-
On-site warning and rear crossingtraffic alert.
It got five stars for safety.
If I am picky, I would say that Nissan needs to install a higher quality camera lens or a clearer screen (or both)
Because 360
During the day, the overhead camera view is the Milky Way, the night is very vague, you don't know what you are looking at, and you don't know what you should avoid. The Nissan X-Trail ST-L has 360-
But the view may be blurred, especially at night.
Picture: supply.
Source: Suppliers driving ST
I got a brave 2. 5-litre four-
Replace ST's No. 2 gasoline with cylinder gasoline. 0-litre.
Unlike other CVT cars, it feels great to drive the front wheel through a continuous variable transmission.
Direct and precise steering;
It is soft to hang on the bumps, but the tires do have-
Feet grip in the corner. The X-
Trail is a surprise.
This is definitely closing the Mazda CX gap.
5 and Ford Escape are two benchmarks in the class.
This is a matter of personal taste, but I prefer X-
Trail drive compared to peers.
Choice: Kia sports car.
Picture: supply.
Source: supply lion run $31,990 to $52,000 drive
Just received an update, drive is not as good as X-
But Price, function and 7-
One year warranty is notable. Ford Escape.
Picture: supply.
Source: supply Ford Escape $28,990 to $48,340 drive-
As one of the unsung heroes in the field, Ford Escape has just made another transformation with more equipment.
It's going well and now seven better values
One year warranty is standard. Mazda CX-5.
Picture: supply.
Source: supply Mazda CX-
$33,790 to $51,200 drive-
The latest model is not as sharp as the original CX --
But it's worth a closer look.
Like Nissan, though, you need to bargain so you don't spend much money.
VerdictI really likes Nissan X-
But the official price is too high.
The information entertainment system is out of date, and the rear camera has blurred vision.
I will test drive on Kia, Mazda and Ford cars before signing on the dotted line. The Nissan X-
Trail has most of the right ingredients, but there is room for improvement in information Entertainment, standard warranty, and pricing.
Picture: supply.
Source: supply dat at a glance: Nissan X-Trail ST-
LPRICE $40,700 drive-
5 stars, 6 airbags, automatic emergency braking, rear cross
Traffic warning, blind zone warning, 360-
Degree Camera 2. 5-litre four-
Cylinder gasoline, 126 KW/226 nmtranssion CVT car, front drive 7. 9L/100km (claimed)
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