Noise complaints pit Point St-Charles residents against Téo Taxi - good car alarms

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-01
Noise complaints pit Point St-Charles residents against Téo Taxi  -  good car alarms
Car alarm at 3. m.
, In the quiet and continuous dull floodlights of the night, the banging noise is enough to wake people up.
It's not easy to stay next to the garage where a 24 hour taxi service is available.
Donna Lazer has been at St.
Charles has been 22 years old and she can't remember when the noise was so constant.
Her apartment is St-taxi with Téo-Patrick St. repair shop.
"The workers scream, the compressor, the loud music --
It makes my dog crazy, "said Lewzey, who lives in Ropery St.
"Then they flick cigarette butts in my yard.
Sometimes I think I should put my dog poop in their poo and see how they feel.
"Laize filed a complaint with the South --
We haven't received a reply last summer.
One neighbor said the racket had become so bad this summer that she was not sleeping in the bedroom anymore.
Instead, she blew up the inflatable mattress and tent across the hall.
She lives in St. Patrick St.
There are more than 100 green and white electric taxis in the garage.
In the summer, the noise is especially severe when the mechanic opens the garage door to release heat.
"When it becomes so that you can't sleep at night, the situation is very bad," Erica said . " She did not want to publish her real name.
"There must be a compromise.
She found the manager of the store earlier this summer and the manager promised to reduce the noise.
But things still exist.
As a result, a group of neighbors filed another complaint with the autonomous city and finally began to call the police.
Dominic lemé, who runs a taxi company, said he sympathizes with the concerns of residents.
Since its launch in 2015.
The company's 200 electric vehicles account for a large part of the local market, most of which were repaired at St point. Charles.
Its parent company, Taxelco, has a taxi license for the city.
"You will notice that the parking lot is full, so we have to park the car in the parking lot all the time --Patrick St.
Li Mei, chief executive of Taxelco, said.
"I know how much trouble this is.
But we are going to go through some very dramatic changes in this regard.
Lemé said that most of Teo's fleet will be transferred to underground docking facilities in another part of the town next month.
"We're going to be underground, so noise shouldn't be a problem," Lemay said . " He could not reveal the location of the new garage.
He suspected that the owner of the lot would not be in Saint-Patrick St.
When it expires next year
About 25 people work full time in the garage, and a manager at Téo says the company is hiring new drivers, mechanics and programmers to support its smartphone app.
Kevin Gagne, the manager, said he was investigating the complaints.
"In theory, there should be no maintenance at night," he said . ". “But (the complaint)
This is definitely something we take seriously.
We are good neighbors.
Two other neighbors contacted by the Montreal communiqué also expressed Lewis's concerns.
Autonomous city councillor Alain varankul said tensions were quite common in the heart of the conflict.
"In a community like St point
Charles, there you will have a new apartment development project to rub with light industry and you will experience the pain of growing up, "said deputy mayor of the South varancott. Ouest.
"We'll talk to the Thai taxi, talk to the neighbors, and find a way to solve the problem.
"According to Vaillancourt, autonomous municipalities can use sound measurement equipment to determine whether the store is in violation of the zoning and noise charter.
But he also warned that a certain degree of activity should be expected because of the HolyPatrick St.
It is a truck transportation center with factories and factories all the time in most of its history.
In the last decades of the 20 th century, point St-
Charles saw a series of closures that destroyed the social fabric of the neighborhood.
Lost power plants in the north, Stelco Steel Foundry and Redpath Sugar Mills, the area lost thousands of jobs.
This has also triggered the outflow of families.
While the large influx of development projects and new residents has injected vitality into the region, it has also created tensions that have forced some people to work --
Residents are moving away.
Lyze, secretary of the parish.
Gabriel's Church says she will be deported next year to make way for another development.
"I think that's the case, but it's sad to say goodbye to this place," she said . ".
"You can't even sit outside these days and the noise is too loud.
But it's a great place when things are good. e. ”
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