not foolproof, but safety devices help | delhi news - times of india - top car alarm systems

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not foolproof, but safety devices help | delhi news - times of india  -  top car alarm systems
New Delhi: Delhi Police chief y s Dadwal, shocked by the increasing number of cars stolen in the capital, is writing to all car owners in the city urging them to take counter measures
The theft device installed on the vehicle.
Even if your letter is on the road, time City will organize a quick guide for you on how to protect your car from vending machines and gadgets available on the market, which will help you
Although no gadget on the market can provide a fool --
They definitely help to prevent theft of cars and their parts.
One of the most common safety devices is central-
Lock system and car alarm connected to all doors, hood and even tires.
There are several different car anti-theft alarms on the market, suitable for anything between Rs 3,000 and Rs 9,000.
The advantage is that the system alerts when anyone tries to force into the car.
But police say the thief knows how to disable the alarm by cutting off the main line of the device.
Another hot item is the gear lock, which locks the gearbox in reverse mode when parking.
"A typical gear lock can be installed on Rs 1,000 and they get this when nearly 80% owners come to us to buy accessories like seat covers or music systems.
Vinod Gupta, owner of the accessories store at Lajpat Nagar, said: "Another popular item is the steering lock Rod, which has roughly the same price range . ". High-
In the end, car owners will also choose more expensive options, such as GPS-
Vehicle tracking equipment based.
These are sold in the market starting at Rs 9,000.
"The equipment hidden in the car will send out the position of the vehicle and send it to the pre-
Anupam Garg, director of Amsaki Ltd, said: "set the number in case someone tries to break into the car . "
In addition to this, anything between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 can also use a mechanical fuel lock and anti-theft device to cut off the fuel supply of the engine to ensure that the vehicle does not move.
These can only be deactivated by the special key that comes with the product.
Police officials say one of the main problems with getting the stolen car back is their identity.
To prevent this, the vehicle registration number must be etched on Windows, tires and other concealed points using engraving tools.
In most auto parts stores, owners can do the job in the name of Rs 100.
"If your car is stolen, the police need specific information to identify the car, parts and accessories.
A senior police officer said: "If a car thief changes your license plate, changes the vehicle identification number, or repaints the car, the other identification points will be fine.
In addition, simple things should be avoided, such as not leaving the keys in the car unattended.
Police investigations into car theft in the city show that a considerable number of vehicles were stolen in Delhi because the driver failed to remove the ignition key.
All documents must be removed from the car to prevent misuse and park in the well as much as possible
All the doors were locked and the windows were rolled up.
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