now moments, part 1 - genius car alarm

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now moments, part 1  -  genius car alarm
"Life is a series of moments.
Everyone's life is a success. " -
Corita KentIs today's business environment is exhausting you and it makes you want to never venture into a business or stay in a business?
While it may seem tempting to work for someone in a less demanding, unchallenging, but stable job, you know you're more than that.
Let's see if we can help you get back some of the energy you had when you first started your business trip.
What if your life is someone else's?
I mean, if from today on people other than you walk into your life, will they be any different from you?
Will that person take care of your family like you do?
Will they treat your job, your clients, and your challenges like you do?
An interesting exercise is to imagine how good a celebrity will be in your work for just one day.
Imagine Sylvester Stallone picking up your next sales call, Bono handling one of your customer complaints, or Condolezza Rice is negotiating your next important deal.
Will they mess up your beautiful approach, or will their unique perspective probably get something new from each situation?
While I have never thought of playing the role of Condi or Rocky with any of my clients, I am ashamed to tell you that I did play bill in the ghost and death team ·. . once. . .
I had a customer in my electronics business about 20 years ago! He was a well-to-
A doctor who is full?
I was furious when his car alarm went down, and after listening to him growling what seemed to be eternal, I crashed.
Lead my favorite ghost character, disrespectful "doctor"
"And when his husband was still dying rambling, I turned to his wife," Is he an abused child?
"It is true that in serious cases I am more childish than my customers because I provide a movie line but the situation becomes more interesting.
When the doctor continued his rant and did not notice my comment at all, his wife answered me very sincerely with her best New York accent and said, "Why, no. . .
He comes from a very good family.
"The Art of Life imitation.
The two ended up being my closest friend, which surprised me, but only after I was able to remove the ghost from their machine.
This is also the last time I have led a fictional character to do business for me. Or was it? Hmmm.
What work do you have to do now?
Let's go back to what you might be experiencing right now.
Some of the problems and challenges have been going on for a long time and we think they are rules and not exceptions.
If we can give these questions a new perspective, perhaps through the eyes of an outsider, he is not so emotionally attached to the long-standing problem --
What else is the terminology pain that doesn't work?
I believe that when we deal with something for the first time or now, the first thing we see is opportunities, not problems or challenges.
At present, problems and challenges seem to be just short-lived.
A few years ago, after retiring from my company, I was recalled to restore backward sales and decreasing resources.
When it opened fire on all cylinders, I left the industry and went back to more problems and challenges than I thought.
Major changes in the market and industry, coupled with some mismanagement, also require us to redefine the mission and purpose of the company.
I'm not sure if it was because I left too long or because of my mood that fall morning, but I had an epiphany.
I stood in front of that store with my manager and I accidentally asked, "So, what do we have to do now?
"We all face a series of great opportunities disguised as impossible. " -Charles R.
At the end of 1990, not only did I interrupt the negative pattern of focusing only on how bad things are, but it also triggered a series of answers to create future success --
In the form of resources, assets and opportunities --
At that particular moment, in that particular industry, it gave us.
First of all, we have hundreds of customers, their names, addresses and buying habits that we know.
We have a lease that is not paid until the end of the month.
The lights are still on-
Three more weeks.
We have dealer agreements and relationships with our suppliers, which allows us to connect our customers with the products and solutions they need, both now and in the future.
Everything is an opportunity in the present.
"The best thing in the future is that it only comes one day at a time. " -
Abraham Lincoln, what do you have available now?
No matter what industry or job you are in, I encourage you to stay away from happiness. go-
The day-to-day needs of a round are long enough to require a moment of the moment.
Don't just get off the bus and immerse yourself in some numbing or escapist behavior, just go back to work or business pain that is more vague than when you leave.
When you really enjoy the moment, stop all your busyness, evaluate your surroundings and assets, and ask yourself these three questions: 1.
"What do I have to work with now? "2.
"What is the best use of these resources? "3.
"For the benefit of my clients, my partners and my family, what can I do today to make the most of these advantages?
"Many market fluctuations and challenges over the years, flat
Later, when many other businesses were extinct, the business was still "operating ".
I don't even need actors or stuntman to replace me!
Why not start now and secure your future today by embracing your own present moment?
If you do, I believe that the solution to the challenge you are facing now will not only become obvious, but, on the road to the next success, you will be able to enjoy everyone you meet.
Tiger Todd©2009 Tiger Todd * copyright * reprint license, www. HeroSchool.
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