NYPD arrest man carrying petrol cans into St Patrick's Cathedral - what is the best car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-25
NYPD arrest man carrying petrol cans into St Patrick\'s Cathedral  -  what is the best car alarm
Police in New York have arrested a man who carried two cans of gasoline, lighter liquid, and a dingbenzene lighter into St. Patrick's Cathedral.
New York police station (NYPD)
Deputy Commissioner John Miller said the arrested man claimed that he was taking shortcuts through the cathedral yesterday after the car ran out of gas, but his answer was "inconsistent and avoided talking ".
"We don't know what his mentality is and what his motivation is," Deputy Commissioner Miller said at a press conference on the steps of the cathedral.
Gothic architecture in the heart of Manhattan.
According to police, the man confronted a security officer at a large church and was told he could not carry the items into the church.
"At that time, when he turned around, some of the gasoline apparently spilled over the floor," Deputy Commissioner Miller said . ".
After the alarm, the counter staff of the New York Police Department
The Bureau of terrorism seized the man and arrested him after questioning.
"His basic story is through the cathedral. . .
"His car is running out of oil," said Deputy Commissioner Miller . ".
"We looked at the car.
There was no gas. he was detained at the time.
"Deputy Director Miller said 37-year-
The old suspect who is currently investigating his background is "known to the police ".
StPatrick's, a new one.
The Gothic church opposite Rockefeller Center, which has been standing in the heart of Manhattan since 1879, is considered one of the most important symbols of the American Catholic Church.
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