one little thing: that sound from “law & order” - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-11
one little thing: that sound from “law & order”  -  one way car alarm
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It's worth your time.
This is the most successful sound in TV history.
Let's take a look at the art form it represents and why this is the best example.
Of course, this is the signature of "law and order" and I certainly don't need to tell you that this is in itself the measure of its greatness.
Not many programs use this auditory phone card, perhaps because it's not easy to come up with the perfect sound.
Imagine calling the entire TV series and its theme with no more than a few seconds of audio boom.
Not the theme song-
It's a different question, it's easier to create-
It's just a short tone, a whistle, a jingle, or other noise.
The hall of fame of this sound will include the weird four
Introduction to the tone of Twilight-
Unique and memorable, setting the stage for weird supernatural things-on.
The ticking clock of "60 Minutes"
Urgent attentionmust-be-
Paid sound is perfect for news magazines.
And the shutter.
Click "NCIS" and suggest "pause and double check "-
The dominant rule of the play
Execution tools.
However, the "law and order" towering above them"dun. Or chung-chung. Or bah-bonk. Or DA-doink.
Or how you want to describe it;
Everyone who tries seems to have a different approach.
If you hear it, you will know, and that's the point: These two-
Thunk of Beat metallic can be identified immediately around the world, so that it has become an object of imitation.
What makes it so right?
The TV series, which was born with it, is one of the most successful TV series in the history of television, re-running and uniting, and stripping it to the point where the voice is inevitable for 27 years.
But everywhere is not the king of TV mnemonics;
You must make a statement, and the correct one.
Or, in the case of this particular noise, several statements.
This is the locked voice of the prison door.
Double status of judge
A court order.
All the fear and tension of the City Night are condensed in the length of the heartbeat.
The seriousness and desire of a TV show with a script
Documentary Production(
Mike Post, he's considered to have created the shield.
Dun says it's actually a combination of various sounds, including a group of people who step on their feet. )
One way to appreciate the brilliance of this or any other loud noise on TV is to try and come up with a better sound.
The next time the episode of "law and order" is played on TV, the spirit will replace this big piece --
Ring the doorbell, the car alarm, the washing machine, or the sound of these three sounds mixed together.
It's not the same, is it? Case closed.
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