one-stop legal shop opens doors atxa0victoria courthouse - one way car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-13
one-stop legal shop opens doors atxa0victoria courthouse  -  one way car alarm
From marriage issues to employment disputes, there is now one area resident who needs help-
Stop shopping with legal expertise.
Victoria's new justice center opened Thursday in a section of the Victoria Court, aiming to connect people with the justice system and help them solve problems as quickly as possible and economically.
"We know the system needs to change," Anton said . ".
"We can continue to look for better ways to deliver services and create a modern, responsive, and fair system --
"This is a system that responds directly to people's needs," Justice Minister Suzanne Anton said at a brief ceremony . ".
The facility is also home to the University of Victoria Legal Center, where law students provide free legal services for low-income people
Revenue to clients and supported by legal Services Association, legal foundation and Free Service Association.
The center will help people with families and citizens
Justice issues, such as separation, divorce, parental responsibility, support, housing, monetary dilemmas, "all problems faced by the family when it breaks down," Anton said ".
B. There are already two such centers. C. —
In Nanaimo and Vancouver.
Victoria's facility is located in the former Vancouver Island land ownership office, which costs $1.
Million decoration.
Anton said people want options to deal with legal issues that the center for judicial assistance is trying to provide, "courts are a way to resolve family disputes, but there are other ways, she said.
"If you can get a faster solution through mediation, it will help the family.
Only one survey showed
The third client of the Vancouver center finally sued the court.
Jeremy Webb, dean of UVic Law School, said that setting up the UVic legal center at the Victoria facility would be of great benefit to students and the people they helped.
"For more than 30 years ,[the Law Centre]
Service has been provided to those who cannot afford it. Well over one-
Our third student worked a full semester at the Legal Center.
35 files per student.
Webb said the students were supervised by lawyers and worked with a total of about 1,800 clients in any year.
Third, working in the legal center is a practical way of learning and has almost become a "mitzvah" for aspiring lawyers"
Steve Parr, UVic Law School student.
He was one of several students Anton chatted with while visiting the site.
"You actually understand how it feels to be a lawyer here," Parr said . ".
"You represent the client, you meet the client, you appear in court and help people with real problems. ” The justice-
Jamie McClaren, executive director of Access Bono Society, said the central model has proven to be an excellent way to provide legal aid to the public.
The Association attracted 800 volunteer lawyers and 500 non-volunteers, he said.
The lawyer will provide free services and will provide a legal clinic at the Victoria center.
Time colonists.
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