panel recommends handles to open trunks from inside - trunk open

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-02
panel recommends handles to open trunks from inside  -  trunk open
According to the relevant news 6, 1999 the new car should have a release mechanism in the trunk for children or others locked in to escape
The appointed panel has been closed.
Last year, after 11 children climbed the trunk and died in the summer heat, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration set up a team to study the issue.
Government officials say at least 19 children have inadvertently locked themselves in boxes during the past decade, often while playing.
A group of industrial, medical and consumer group delegates said that by 2001, the new car should have a handle in the trunk to unlock it.
The panel of experts on tree trunk interception recommended that the traffic safety bureau require this device to be installed on new cars and encouraged automakers to volunteer to develop trunk release handle kits for cars already on the road.
Several automakers have taken steps to provide trunk handles.
GM has a suitcase.
It can be installed as a release kit at the dealer for optional equipment.
In the dark cargo area, the yellow release handle is illuminated.
The trunk latch has a separate mechanism to prevent the trunk from closing unless the adult resets it manually.
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Ford Motor will have a T-
The shaped handle will glow inside the trunk as a standard feature for its 2000 models.
The advertising team also recommends educating parents so that children can understand that the suitcase is not a safe place to play, as well as knowing the car warning label and the luggage safety information on the owner's manual.
Since 1970, 1,175 of the 992 suitcases have been victims. -
According to the group study, most adults are locked in by criminals or children who inadvertently lock themselves in.
At least 260 people have died.
Most of the deaths involved violent kidnapping, the report said.
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A version of the article appears on page 1001034 of the national edition of June 6, 1999, with the title: The panel suggests the handle to open the suitcase from the inside.
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