panic button alerting police to a crime scene could save lives - car alarm remote control

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-01
panic button alerting police to a crime scene could save lives  -  car alarm remote control
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Operating panic button the size of the car remote control may cause a difference between life and death when a crime occurs.
It is easy to hide and carry, just press the button to silently remind the police and let the police enter at the fastest speed in 8 minutes, as shown in the pilot project carried out in Subang Jaya, petaling Jaya and Sha.
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Programming information and GPS locks bypass the usual hassle of calling the police and explaining the emergency.
Datuk Tan Jake Chuan, chairman of Fastlane emergency resources Group Sdn Bhd, said the panic button was designed to speed up police response time to the crime scene, which the company developed.
"Emergency buttons are very useful and effective for houses under 24
"Hourly guard service, convenience stores, restaurants, clinics and communities with gates and guards," he said, adding that soon it will be directly linked to police stations and regional headquarters.
"The panic button is not to replace the 999 emergency line, but to get in touch with the police faster without causing suspicion," he told the Star . ".
Tan said that with the success of the three police zone pilot projects, Fastlane hopes to work closely with Bukit Aman to expand the project to other parts of the country.
"The simulation operation has been carried out in many other places," he said, adding that the first phase of the implementation will cover most of the area in the barns Valley.
Police have been looking for 8 minutes of reaction time to get to the crime scene, he said, but this could be extended to 15 minutes as 999 phone lines and call times at the regional headquarters control center increase.
"Of course, the traffic situation and the time of the crime must also be subsidized," he added . ".
Although there is a "panic button" app on the phone, Tan says the devices are usually the first thing criminals take away from the victim.
"This panic button can be used as a" secret alert "that can be hidden anywhere and won't be noticed," he said . ".
The SOS Emergency button service needs a subscription, he said, adding that the company is still dealing with the issue of charges.
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