pick your own wake-up call - car alarm system

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-19
pick your own wake-up call  -  car alarm system
Waking up can be hard to do, but the right alarm clock can make things easier.
Personalized sleep
Ending the mix of your favorite songs, for example, may be more effective than waking up to listen to someone else's music (the radio)
Or something like a car alarm (
Traditional buzzer).
Regardless of your preference, the TDK's latest speaker system is available for your needs and should look good by your bedside.
TDK iSlim is a beautifully designed tablet
Panel Speaker with built-in iPod base, clock, radio and alarm clock-in.
It also comes with a remote control, an expandable antenna, a bright blue LCD display, and all
Important snooze button.
It's also easy to set up.
The TDK iSlim docking station can accommodate any iPod that can be docked, including the new iPod Touch, and comes with seven docking adapters to ensure your iPod is installed comfortably.
The speaker uses an AC power supply, although it is equipped with a power cord of a large size.
After connecting both of the above, all you need to do is set its clock, schedule the alarm clock, and save your favorite radio station to the device if you want for quick reference.
ISlim then prepares for entertainment.
The ISlim speaker features the NXT flat panel speaker technology with two 2. 5W speakers.
Unfortunately, however, the results are not spectacular.
The speaker plays an obvious background hiss at low volume and plays distortion and crackles at high volume.
By using the five EQ settings of the system, including classic, jazz and rock, its performance can be improved to a certain extent, which can be accessed by a button on the remote control.
This makes the speakers perform well when working closerange and bed-
While they were clearly not designed to start the party, time was listening.
However, iSlim's navigation system is easy to use and listeners can easily switch between radio, iPod and additional AUX inputs (
For other MP3 players and audio sources)
Press the program button.
The remote control of the device can also skillfully navigate the iPod's music menu system, allowing you to scroll through the track and select the playlist with the menu and selection keys.
It is disappointing that the buttons themselves are not functional and there is no snooze button for the alarm clock on the remote control.
Maybe you can't find it with your eyes closed.
ISlim does include a video
To avoid you wanting to play your iPod video on the big screen, though, take out the Jack and connect to the TV.
It also charges when the ipod is connected.
The latest iPod speaker system in the TDK is very attractive and is a very advanced clock radio.
ISlim will not fill the room with clear audio though, and should probably stay by the bed.
Price: $149 TDK: 1300 305 835, www. tdk. com.
Auorially published a wake-up for picking your own-
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