Pokemon Go hunters snare real thief in New Zealand - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-08
Pokemon Go hunters snare real thief in New Zealand  -  car alarm
When people go out and look for the virtual cartoon character of Napier, n they hear the car alarm and see a masked man running over. Fans of some New Zealand smartphone game Pokemon Go grabbed a time when they broke into the car and caught a thief until the police arrived.
Police in New Zealand said the young men, who were out on Wednesday night in Napier, the northern island town, were looking for virtual cartoon characters when they heard a car call and saw a masked man run over.
"They didn't use Pokeballs to catch him, they just grabbed him until the police arrived," the police said in a statement . ", Refers to an online tool used to capture Pokemons that appear in places such as temples and landmarks where people gather. A 28-year-
The old man has been arrested and will face theft charges in court on September 7, police said.
Nintendo's Pokemon Go has become an unexpected hit, using augmented reality and Google Maps to make animated characters appear in the real world, covering the nearby landscape viewed through the player's mobile phone camera.
In some countries, the game has also been blamed for injuries and looting distracted users, prompting authorities to warn players to play the game responsibly.
In Napier, the police remind players that safety is the most important thing.
"Capturing little Pokemon monsters is not only good for players, because in this case it is good for the police as well, but we don't want any good Samaritan to get hurt, senior police officer David Sutherland said.
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