police alarmed over buzzer bungle - top car alarm systems

by:Kingcobra     2019-10-04
police alarmed over buzzer bungle  -  top car alarm systems
Kolkata: Kolkata police will develop new rules for companies that install and maintain alarm systems.
The police began to act when the phone rang.
The alarm buzzer system could not work. on Monday, a fire broke out in a car showroom in South Kolkata and the security guard escaped after being injured.
"We will review the certificates of these system providers and then allow them to establish contact with police headquarters," said Detective Department Deputy Commissioner soumen mitra . ".
Some service providers are reportedly using their pre-
Establish contact with police to obtain clients.
On Monday. ™In this incident, when the showroom on Ridgeway was raided, owner anil banka pressed the secret alert button provided by nemonee security.
However, it did not sound analarm in lalbazar.
Banka said the system cost him Rs 20,000, but the service provider has never maintained the system.
Pranaboo chakraborty, owner thebarasat-
The security department based in nemonee claimed that he had sent three engineers to bank. ™S office
They found a fax machine connected to the special alarm line.
However, he promised that the entire system would be renovated to make it more effective.
According to a senior police officer, many such companies do not have the infrastructure or resources to maintain such services.
Recently, big companies such as tata honeywell entered the field.
"We want systems like this, but now is the time for us to keep an eye on these website providers," he said . ". “the caller-
Alarm system installed in bank™The telephone hotline system was used in the S exhibition hall.
We just provided space in the control room.
Mitra advised that we have hotlines at the Harriet Street police station with all the big banks to prevent dakotti.
Only two or three of the few connections initially provided are still working, he added.
Gpo fire: a mall fire broke out in gpo on Tuesday night.
About thirty minutes later, two fire engines put out the fire.
Preliminary reports say the fire was caused by a brief
Circuit in AC.
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