Police arrest 4 teens accused of 50+ car burglaries in Stone Oak, attempted jewelry heist - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-05
Police arrest 4 teens accused of 50+ car burglaries in Stone Oak, attempted jewelry heist  -  car alarm
Police have arrested four teenagers and a 26-year-old. year-
The old defendant carried out more than 50 burglary in the Stone Oak area this week, and an attempted jewelry theft occurred on Friday morning. The suspectsxa0—
Paul Villarreal, 26, Jesse McLeod, 18, Jorge Luna, 18, Hector Gomez-
Cisneros, 17, and an unidentified teenager
There are a number of charges, including building theft, illegal intrusion and theft of vehicles.
The group, allegedly in the wilderness oak and former Jingshan area between Blanco and hardy oak, bent the door frame with a crowbar and broke the window and broke into at least 50 cars parked in the driveway, police said.
"They are definitely intimidating the community," said SAPD Chief William mcmanas . ".
"Our detectives did a good job.
"Two suspects were arrested after a car alarm sounded on Friday morning burning arrows 1300 blocks.
Police say one of the suspects is armed with guns.
Late Friday morning, three suspects were arrested at the jewelry store Nacogdoches gold and silver exchange, 13000 block of Nacogdoches Road.
Police say they found a woman on a stolen car, believed to be a victim from Stone Oak, who broke into the store through the ceiling of a nearby business.
The men allegedly stole several rings and other valuables from the store.
Mcmanas said three suspects are believed to have been involved in a series of car theft in Stone Oak with two other teenagers.
Mcmanas said he was not sure if the suspect was a student at the district high school.
McManus said the police recovered a large number of stolen property from the suspect, adding that property crimes were difficult to resolve.
Anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call 210-224-7867.
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