Police investigating suspicious death in Marlborough - car alarm

by:Kingcobra     2019-09-08
Police investigating suspicious death in Marlborough  -  car alarm
Residents of Marlborough said they were not surprised to see about six police cars parked outside a house in the murder investigation center on Saturday morning.
"They'll love it, have a party, drive their car alarm, get the car alarm out, and beep all night.
Said a woman who lives in N Margate Place. E.
"There are always different people there," said the lady, who declined to give her name to Postmedia.
"I'm not talking about a family, but about 10 different people who live in the house.
"Plus the police can see the month of the family outside-
Margate Place N. 100 blockE.
Saturday morning after a man died of an undisclosed injury.
About a block from the scene, search and rescue personnel and police together in the bush to find evidence.
Members of the killing Group are investigating, and police said Saturday that the death was suspicious. Around 1:30 a. m.
Police say they found a man in his 40 s harassed in a "medical dilemma" at home.
The man was sent to the hospital all his life.
The dangerous condition of his later death
A neighbor living under two houses said he did not hear or see the incident, but woke up Saturday morning with several police cars parked in front of his home.
The man, who claims only to be a Mac, says the Marlborough area is no stranger to police activity, but says the small community in Margate square is tight --knit.
He said the former tenants of a house next door had a big party on Friday night until a few months ago.
An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.
If the killing is announced, it will be Calgary's sixth killing in 2018.
Anyone with event information should call the kill Unit Hotline 403-428-
8877, the Calgary Police Department
Emergency Line 403-266-
1234, or 1-stop the crime anonymously800-222-8477 or at .
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