police race to scene of car alarm - car alarm

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police race to scene of car alarm  -  car alarm
Brooklyn, New York-municipal law-
On Tuesday, when a car issued an alarm in the parking lot of the Park Slope apartment building, law enforcement officers immediately took action to remind citizens and police that a Saab Turbo convertible was in danger.
"Once the car alarm rings, I know what has to be done-and it's going to be fast," said Officer Tony Mudon, the first of the 12 officers to arrive at the scene, telling reporters.
"In this case, your training will end.
You don't think about yourself or your loved one, or about the dangers you may face entering such an unstable environment.
The only thought in my head is: my God, a car is under threat.
I know I can't allow this to happen.
Justice must be done.
"The car alarm sounded at about 10: 35. m.
It quickly attracted the attention of the relevant Citizens. They called 911 to call the police.
However, the police are already on the road because the special car alert team in the autonomous city has been mobilized within seconds of the alarm.
"The moment the alarm rang, our ambulance --alarm crisis-
"The reaction agreement system is beginning to come to a climax," said Louis Ruiz, captain of the Brooklyn 23 Special Response Force . ". "Our rapid-
The deployment intervention team adapts in a matter of minutes and is ready to deal with the disturbance caused by lightning
Rapid intervention strategy.
There is no room for error when the car alarm rings.
"After arriving at the scene, murdonne took a strategic position at the north end of the parking lot.
After ensuring the safety of the area, he sent it back to headquarters by Radio
According to standard security procedures, the police are required to wait for at least three other police officers to arrive before venturing on the bus --Alarm situationOnce back-
Upon arrival, Mudon closed the crisis area.
Fortunately, neither Muldoon nor 14 other officials responding have found any problems with Saab.
In theory, the car alarm could have been accidentally triggered by another resident of the apartment building, and when his or her own car pulled out of the parking lot, he might have hit the car bumper a little.
"We may never know what's going on here today," said Mudon . ".
"The most important thing is that cars are safe.
In the end, this is the only thing that really matters.
"While there is no evidence of an intruder, the police have stressed that criminal activity cannot be ruled out.
Ruiz said: "The wrong people are very likely to threaten the vehicle, but before they have a chance to cause any damage, they are scared away by the sudden, loud scream of the alarm, "who is urging anyone with car information?
Alert, contact one of the seven passengers
Time detective in charge of the case
"After all, how can a criminal not be countered by this cunning-theft device?
This is terrible, I assure you.
Anyone who can face a car alarm without fear must let the ice water flow through his veins.
Police say a huge contribution to Saab's safety is that Saab's owners chose to install the intimidating "five different rotating sound effects "--style alarm.
"This car alarm, by sending out a set of alternating ears --
Not just an ear, but a split tone
"The tone of the split is more difficult to ignore," Ruiz said . ".
"This shows the smart thinking of the owners.
"Tuesday's incident is the latest in a series of cars --
There has been an alarm crisis in New York in recent weeks. On Oct.
On the 26 th, the 1993 Saturn car alarm rang for more than three minutes in Bedford-
Before the police who were blocked by a overturned truck arrived at the scene, the Stuyvesant district of Brooklyn. On Nov.
On the 5 th, a 1996 Mazda Miata alarm rang in Midtown Manhattan, causing a few minutes of panic until the order was restored.
Last Thursday, a car alarm broke out in the garden of Keyou, Queens, and a man who left his key in the 1994-kilometer Geo Subway tried to open the door with a curved coathanger. According to U. S.
Justice Department records show that between April 1996 and October 1998 alone, there were 15 alarming car alerts in Brooklyn.
However, police estimate that as many as two people
The third of these events may be like this.
Known as a "fake" alarm, caused by a child jumping up and down on a tire, a slight shaking of the car by the subway as it passes below, or a kitten rubbing his furry body against the vehicle in a stroke.
Still, on the other-
Third, police say the harsh, loud warning of car alerts plays a vital role in the speedy arrest of those responsible.
Brooklyn District Attorney Benjamin Cordoba says the importance of protecting your vehicle with the loudest and most harsh car alerts possible cannot be overemphasized.
"These car alarms send out a strong message about crimes on our streets," Cordova said . ".
"This is a message that is more difficult to ignore than ever before.
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