pope francis security scare in morocco as man sprints towards king mohammed's car and is tackled by his guards while the pontiff looks on during visit to build christian-muslim ties - top car alarms

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pope francis security scare in morocco as man sprints towards king mohammed\'s car and is tackled by his guards while the pontiff looks on during visit to build christian-muslim ties  -  top car alarms
A man charged with a car from King Mohammed VI of Morocco and today took the same team, asPope Francis.
Dramatic live footage from the North African national broadcaster showed security guards quickly grabbed the man.
King Mohammed open-
During the Pope's two visits to Rabat, the top cars were traveling with his vehicle-day visit.
The Pope's car was parked in front of the man as the King continued to wave
Who seems to have a note-
Rush to it.
The purpose of the Pope's visit to this Muslim country is to promote inter-religious dialogue.
Improving relations with other religions has always been a priority for the Argentine pope, who has been charged with a wave of child sexual abuse against clergy.
For thousands of Moroccan people who braved the rain to attend the welcoming ceremony, Francis said it was essential to oppose fanatics.
He stressed the need for "proper preparation of future religious guidelines" before meeting with the trainee imam later today ".
Speaking at the ceremony of the tour (or tower)
Francis defended "freedom of conscience" and "freedom of religion" in the Hassan Mosque in Rabat and in nearby tombs ".
He took his pontiff from the airport and after a row of flags from Morocco and the Vatican, said to about 25,000 people, "live like a brother . ". Well-
The best wishes package the coastal Avenue-
Completed the 12 th century mosque while others, including many Moroccan in traditional costumes, lined up nearby.
He also spoke at the ceremony about immigration and criticized Donald Trump's plans to build a wall along the Mexican border.
"The immigration issue will never be resolved by setting up obstacles, inciting fear of others or refusing to provide assistance to people who are legitimately eager to live a better life for themselves and their families, Francis said at the welcoming ceremony.
We also know that the consolidation of real peace through the pursuit of social justice is indispensable to correcting economic imbalances and political unrest, these imbalances and political unrest have always played an important role in triggering conflicts and threatening all mankind.
Rabat has stepped up security, the first time the Pope has visited North Africa since John Paul II in 1985.
Re-painted the building for the pope's two, decorated the streets and trimmed the lawnday visit.
In the afternoon, when the Pope visited the church, he talked about immigration again. run shelter.
He said immigration was a huge and profound trauma that continued to plague our world in the early 21 st century.
The wound that cries out to heaven.
Immigrants and refugees have the right and dignity to be "independent of their legal status," he said, and host communities should reject all forms of discrimination and xenophobia.
Francis and the King visited an institute set up by the King to train Imam and Islamic male and female missionaries.
About 1,300 students studied at the college to become Imam and missionaries, to teach "moderate Islam" and to receive the support of the King.
Students at the school told Pope Francis and King of Morocco that they would take home lessons that bridge between religions and promote a moderate Islamic model.
Nigerian student Usman told the leaders during a visit to France on Saturday that she wanted to spread tolerance and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims.
Her country needs advocates to help resolve conflicts and misconceptions, she said.
"When I graduate home, I will be able to argue and believe that religion is for peace and kindness," she said. . .
Women are equal to men in their rights.
Morocco, almost entirely Muslim, has promoted itself to an oasis of religious tolerance in a region torn apart by militants.
It provides training to Muslim missionaries from Africa and Europe on what it calls moderate Islam.
Francis, who visited Morocco for the first time in 34 years, praised the king for providing "good training to combat all forms of extremism, which often leads to violence and terrorism, in any case, this is all an offense to religion and to God itself.
Vatican News says the Pope was also seen as comforting Muslims after the March 15 shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Although this country is such a Muslim, many newspapers have published 82-year-
Photos of Old Argentines on the front page
The Moroccan view this as a positive move.
The Moroccan daily opinion is titled "Pope Francis is among us.
Video messages from the Pope are also being broadcast.
The top is Arabic subtitles.
He said he had come to Morocco to make a pilgrimage in a world in great need of peace and fraternity.
"At the meeting in Rabat, I am happy to share these beliefs with you directly," he completed his speech.
Today is Rabat seeing scenes that could cause panic among Christians and Muslims.
It is not yet clear what was the motive of the absconder, but it seems that he did run to his king, not the Pope.
During the visit, the pope will also hold mass with a small number of Catholic groups in Morocco.
His plane landed in the capital around two o'clock P. M. this afternoon and was met by the king known as the "faithful commander.
Later today, the King will receive him at his palace.
Francis visited the UAE last month, where he met with Sheikh Ahmed al-
Imam Tayeb in Al-Cairo
A prestigious place of study for Sunni Islam, Azhar.
The two men signed a document on "human fraternity for world peace", which, among other things, called on minorities to enjoy "freedom of faith" and "full civil rights ".
Gisotti said Francis would not hesitate to mention the text, and from now on he would hand it over to all heads of state.
In Morocco, where Islam is a national religion, the authorities are keen to highlight the "religious tolerance" that the country allows Christians and Jews to worship freely ".
But if Moroccan people were not born in the Jewish community, they would automatically be considered Muslim, apostasy is socially unacceptable, conversion is a criminal offence.
Those who try to "shake the Muslim faith or convert him to another religion" may be sentenced to three years in prison.
In the shadow of many years, since 2017, a small number of converts have publicly called for the right to live "without persecution" and "without discrimination.
About 30,000 to 35,000 Catholics live in Morocco, many of them from sub-Saharan Africa.
The Pope will complete Saturday's schedule by meeting with immigrants at the center of the Catholic humanitarian organization's Love management.
The charity runs a day center for immigrants trying to reach Europe through the Mediterranean and helps them get services.
Recently, the number of people on sea routes from Morocco to Spain has surged as they have become more and more difficult through Libya.
According to the charity, in 2017, 7,551 new arrivals were welcomed at the Caritas Centre in Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier.
Rabat claimed to have taken a "humanitarian" approach to migrants and rejected allegations by human rights groups of "brutal arrest campaigns" and "forced displacement" on the country's southern border.
Throughout his term as pope, Francis emphasized the plight of immigrants and refugees, calling on Catholics and politicians to show solidarity with those in need.
On Sunday, the Pope will hold a mass at Rabat stadium, with 10,000 people expected to attend.
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