power windows pose great risk to children, says consumer group - power window system

by:Kingcobra     2019-11-18
power windows pose great risk to children, says consumer group  -  power window system
A consumer group said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration greatly underestimated the number of people, including children.
Injured or killed in a power window.
"It's a bit against logic, why would someone allow a product to continue to be made in a way that deliberately kills, mazes, crush and is responsible for amputations," said Janette Fennell, president of kidsAndCars.
The organization of Redwood, Kansas.
The organization wants federal agencies to require auto makers to equip all power windows with automatic
The reverse function, so that if the window encounters an obstacle when it is closed, it automatically stops and opens.
However, the agency said in various regulatory documents that several new safety requirements involving power windows indicate that it has done a good job in addressing a small but persistent problem.
The agency estimates that 1,995 people are injured each year, most of them minor, and six die from Power Windows.
The company said its data were based on verifiable police officers and medical reports of injuries directly related to power
Including the investigation of the emergency room and the inspection of other records. Ms.
Fennell's group asked Harris Interactive to conduct a telephone survey and an Internet survey to ask if the participants had ever hurt someone by closing the window.
The results of the survey were released on Monday. in the telephone survey, 5% said they had (
The results of the Internet survey are 6%).
She estimates that the adult population is around 0. 227 billion.
That means about 13, says Fennell.
During an uncertain period, 6 million people were injured. Ms.
Fennell concluded that the agency was missing.
She said that for many reasons, including the difference in reporting the cause of death, it is tricky to collect this information.
She said injuries can be missed when the victim goes to the doctor instead of the emergency room.
The agency did not release a network large enough, she said.
The agency said in a regulatory document that it may miss a number of cases, including death cases, which may not be reported to the authorities as a vehicle
Specific related events.
But in one case, the agency and the Lady
Finnell's numbers match that. In 2003-
According to the agency, their study found that an average of five children died in electric accidents every year.
Window accidentMs.
Finnell looked at her records and said her data showed that one person died in 2003 and nine in 2004.
Or, on average, five times a year.
Despite the uncertainty about the scope of the problem, the agency recently asked automakers to make power windows safer.
From October
1. 2008. all passenger cars must have recessed power switches.
The idea is to make the child less likely to rely on the switch to close the window. By Oct.
1,2010, the power window can only be turned off by turning on the switch.
The Cameron gurbranson children's Transport Safety Act, which was signed into law in 2008, gave the agency another security feature to review.
It requires the agency to consider whether automatic
All electric vehicle windows have reverse functions.
The agency has looked at several alternatives and said it has initially come to an automatic
Not all electric windows need to be backed up.
It says early changes to the switch will eliminate 50-75% of all power windows
Related deaths
But one area that could be improved, the agency says, is the need to automatereverse on one-
Touch or Courierup switches (
The window continues to close after the switch is released).
Many cars, the agency says
There is already an automatic touch windowReverse features.
Most of them are clearly designed according to European security standards, the company said.
The agency focused on two possibilities in its deliberations.
First of all, all
Touch windows to automatically
On the contrary, it is in compliance with European standards.
The agency estimates that this will mean that there is little additional cost for automakers and that the number of casualties will not decrease.
Second, ask those
Touch the windows to meet stricter US standards, thus stopping the Windows faster.
This will cost the auto industry about $0. 145 billion a year (
About $6 a window)
Prevent injuries to 40 people.
No more lives will be saved. Ms.
Fennell believes the agency needs to do better.
"We firmly believe that the government's job is to save lives," she said . ". Ms.
Fennell says cars
All electric car windows need to be backed up because drivers who don't pay attention can easily close their children's windows.
The agency does not consider this to be a common problem.
In the regulatory document, the company said it knew there was only one recorded death case in which the driver might have closed a window without knowing that a child was trapped
As part of its required research, the agency believes that if a car manufacturer is required
All power windows are retrofitted using higher-required US standards at an annual cost of about $0. 588 billion.
It will save the lives of two people and prevent 997 injuries. Ms.
Fennell said she believed in the car.
By using a slightly different but still valid standard, the reverse can be installed for about $0. 15 billion on all power windows.
The automaker alliance supports the alliance's proposal that only one-
Spokesman Wade Newton said touch the window.
He said the association felt automatic.
No window, no need to reverse on windows
Touch function because of other recently adopted security requirements such as pullup-to-close switches.
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Look at your child and check your tire pressure without adding more complexity.
The kids did two surveys with the car. H. T. S. A.
"Launching a network big enough" isn't it?
This is a very broad inference about MS. Fennel’s part.
I think there are more pressing issues that the organization needs to solve, like getting rid of the car completely, because I am sure that the number of children injured or killed in an accident that did not involve a power window far exceeds her current campaign.
We need good product lawyers to help the car manufacturers.
Next Goal: driving through the restaurant for too hot coffee can cause 3rd degree groin Burns, ice cream headaches, and mats that attack innocent victims will certainly oppose this mechanism, which will not only stop the windows, windows will also be opened automatically again!
It may be automatic parking, but that's enough!
When a person tries to force into my car, I 've been in an unenviable position of having to close the window quickly!
When the window began to approach his hand, he quickly pulled the window out and I was able to escape.
I could still drive away if the automatic parking unit got his hand stuck and he was next to it as well. Fine by me!
But if the window is automatically reopened, I don't think I will send this message here.
For God's sake, check your child before you close the window!
How hard is it to turn your head or check the mirror? ?
You know, I 've been telling my friends and family over the years that if the car maker can come up with a switch to disable the passenger's window button while still making the driver operable, like, maybe in case the child is in there or something.
But it will never happen. (
My 99 Jetta has this . . . . . . I think in the last 10 years almost every car with power windows has this feature? )
". . . If the car manufacturer can come up with a switch, disable the passenger's window button while still holding the driving operation, such as if a child is inside or somewhere else.
"Patrick, I have a 1985 Mercedes that has this feature and now has a 2005 Jetta that has the same functionality.
I don't know-
The car made does not have this function.
Since our automakers don't know, why do Germans know to do so?
The idea is to make the child less likely to rely on the switch to close the window.
Why change what?
Children learn by doing, not by being protected.
If a child accidentally leans on the switch and the window goes up and down when it shouldn't, they will soon learn not to do so.
I don't remember all the time I was scratched, cut, hit or burned while growing up. (
For example, when I was five years old, I plugged a hairpin from my mother into a power outlet.
I soon understood that it was not something that could be done, and it was never done again.
What a learning experience!
That was 58 years ago and I still had a clear image of the loud snapshot and the bright flash.
I remember the ass my father gave me. )
This is part of the learning process.
The driver-side electric car window lock for Patrick Ford has been around for at least 30 years.
My father's Squire wagon in 1973 had this characteristic.
He always locks the window, but he can open/close the window himself.
My point is that this is not a new technology.
I still like this sentence. ". . . Killing, maiming, crushing and responsible for execution.
Just like our streets are full of bodies of children killed by electric windows. (
Yes, I know it's not a new technology!
Ironically, that's why I posted at the bottom that my 10 year old car had a window lock switch --
I'm sure many older cars will do the same)
"A driver who doesn't pay attention can easily close the child's window.
"And, hey Dad, can you stop closing my window?
That's why we can't have good things.
Grady, good study.
But what is concerned in this case is that the child does not have the opportunity to learn because his or her throat is stuck by the window.
Children may not know what is going on and therefore how to turn this around.
That's how those children were killed. Dutch (7)has it right.
I think I forgot because I have or my family have all kinds of cars; but child lock-
As I recall, Mercedes has had out switches since 1970s.
And, in fact, the blockade also locks the unlock door of the passenger.
In addition, every car I have seen in recent years (Even for decades)
Two safe power windowsstops or auto-reverse.
This is incredible and it will not be the standard practice for electric window cars. No.
Christopher ~ Do you realize that in their 1840 s and 50 s, when the pioneers go west, there is no federal authorization to protect children from rattlesnakes and other things that have been kidnapped by Indians along the trail to ensure that they use the right sunscreen, or hit a stone or rut on the Oregon Trail, fall off the van and break a leg, or worse, hit their head and suffer an irreversible trauma that cannot be mentioned
Except for donors, of course)
Went to Oregon or California and everything was fine overall
For them and the country.
In fact, you might say that those who have survived have become stronger and more suitable for the experience.
You don't think it's us trying to solve the federal problem with power windows-as a society —
Maybe a little soft? If Ms.
Fennell was really worried about the harm of the power window, why didn't she advocate that we go back to the old manual and scrollup kind?
I like our data for 2003.
In order to calculate the damage of the electric window, this article clearly states that the technology to prevent these injuries from dying came into effect only on 2008 and 2010.
One can imagine that NHTSA will at least wait until a request comes into effect before addressing the same problem again and further worsening the plight of the automaker.
I can imagine the use of $0. 588 billion would be a little bit better (per year)….
$0. 558 billion to save two lives (i. e.
0. 279 billion per life)?
We also agreed where to spend about $1.
Can 25 people per taxpayer in the United States help?
Given that the average annual income tax bill in the United States is about $20,000, 7/8 of federal income comes from income tax, which means, at this rate, if our government spends all its money on these measures, it will save only 20,000 lives a year.
Even with $0. 15 billion in two lives, that is, 80,000 lives a year.
Do we really want all of our government money to be spent on saving 20,000-80,000 people a year?
There are more valid reasons to regulate $1.
Everyone has 25 in their pockets.
Don't forget, as mentioned in another poster, that the new window may increase the number of deaths from carjacking because parents feel safer and they take less precautions, an increase in the cost of improved Windows could lead some to buy cheaper, less secure cars.
If all these unexpected consequences result in two deaths each year, it is a purge-if it is three, then the statute will have negative social benefits.
Once this problem is solved, we can continue to do important things.
No one will really be safe until the car gives an alarm and if any passenger does not wear a full cover helmet in the car, the alarm will sound.
The passenger electric window lock has been around for a long time.
My 1965 Chrysler empire.
I believe this is the first year of Chrysler products).
There may be a lot of people who don't know that this feature exists in their own cars.
I am against automatic stop or reverse function.
When the car is a few years old, I feel that this function can cause considerable damage, such as dirt, wear and tear (or even frost)
When there is no obstacle, it causes the window to think that there is an obstacle.
In addition to the driver putting the window on the child, how did these accidents happen?
According to my experience with the kids in the car, the shutdown should be going on.
I suspect a lot of kids are left alone in the car with the keys, which is necessary to operate the windows.
In this case, there is a bigger problem besides windows.
Why are the children left alone in the car with the keys? Grady (12)
: It doesn't have much to do with the issue, but it's not true that "almost everyone" is coming along the Oregon Trail to Oregon or California.
Read any account with temporary graves and markers along the way.
People of all ages are dead, not rattlesnakes or Indians (Very friendly)
However, the common diseases and sanitary conditions in the 19 th century are poor.
Children and women in childbirth are common victims.
Those who survived may have become strong, but I am not sure if they are better than this experience.
By the way, I have never seen the meaning of the power window, and have never owned a vehicle with the power window.
Maybe as you said, we have become a little soft as a society.
I have a very simple solution . . . . . . All new cars are required to return to the manual window.
A child will have to make a huge effort to kill himself, as well as all the exercises to wrap/unlock windows in a fast food restaurant --
By delaying the inevitable coronary artery for a few weeks (
= Boost to the economy due to extra work and extra rapid growth-food sold)
Grady: I don't care at all about this proposal.
It took me quite a bit of time to go through government documents and come up with cost figures and statements like the agency said it could only find a power window for a case where a documented child was killed by adult support.
My goal is to find the other side of her.
Fennell's argument
But personally, it's strange that you would argue that a child's death or serious injury would make America stronger. No.
19 Christopher, I really don't want to make a group of kids killed and disabled by power windows a way to make us strong.
It's just that the line between parental and personal responsibility and the nanny country continues relentlessly to evolve in the direction many of us expect (
Usually required in the case of MS Fennell))
There are people in the government who take care of us and our children.
Think about it, if the tenacious pioneers have to comply with a bunch of federal regulations to ensure their safety on the Oregon Trail, they will never leave San Jo.
Or if Charles Lindbergh carries the same flight rules that modern pilots have to endure, he will never be allowed to leave Long Island for Paris. The: don't.
Oldoki, I know the many dangers faced by the pioneers.
I only mentioned a few for brevity.
You're right, most Indians are friendly, but that doesn't stop the fear of Indians from being the main concern of pioneers.
The main point of the problem :. . . ”Ms.
Fennell says cars
All electric car windows need to be backed up because drivers who don't pay attention can easily close their children's windows. ”…. .
Blind drivers are much worse than squeezing their fingers on the door frame with an electric window.
Now the air conditioner is everywhere, why keep turning on the switch of all the power windows (
Except drivers)
Saved $0. 558 billion?
Dealers and mechanics can do it for their clients.
It's really a problem that drivers and/or parents don't pay attention to at all.
Also, it's a bigger problem for babies and toddlers to stay in the car during the summer months.
If these phenomena are not corrected, millions of people may be spent on solving them. Good Grief!
I first heard about this when the power window first appeared.
I believe the power window will not work unless the ignition is turned on.
The ignition should not be turned on unless the adult is in the car.
This should solve the problem.
With the arrival of the automotive era, the running speed of the electric window seems to be slower.
If the sensor is installed to stop or reverse when encountering a low resistance, the owner of the old car will find himself changing the Door motor more and more frequently. I am gay.
Despite the popularity, my partner and I don't have children, and we don't intend to have children.
Most of our friends have no children.
We are adults and this is another example of our adult life being simplified for the sake of others.
Don't try to leave children for our lives anymore.
This series of reader reviews is a delightful little storm in the teapot! So much free-
There's hostility floating outside.
At the same time, why did no one mention pets?
When my Toyota dealer couldn't give me the pickup I wanted, he gave me a No. frills 4-cyl.
The truck behind his parking lot.
It was a good deal for the second car, so I took it away.
Back in the past, it had a stiff bench seat, hands
Adjusted sides and mirrors, mechanically adjusted seats, cassette/radio . . . . . . But I bless it whenever I need fresh air for parking, it's an open/close window
Ask the car designers to make a hand-shake an option so I don't have to take a hammer under my seat in case I get off in a hurry.
As for the power windows, just lock them and use the air conditioner when the kids are behind.
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